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Free Course of Sahaja YogaThis is a complete course of Sahaja Yoga freely available on this blog. It is accessible to everybody and does not require any prerequisite to be followed, as we are going to explain everything from the basis. The only thing you are asked is to follow the classes in order, so that your learning will be gradual and easier. By this course, you will learn how to awaken and manage your Inner Energy, how to improve yourself at every level: physical, mental, psychological and spiritual. Actually all these levels will be integrated and harmonized and you will reach a state of permanent serenity and joy.

The theory will follow the practical side and you will become a Yoga Master very soon. Becoming a master does not require any degree from anyone, it is a real becoming, when you really acquire your mastery, the capacity to manage your Inner Energy for your goodness and for other people’s goodness. Actually, the real master is not the one who is capable to show his own powers, but the one who can make others become masters.

You do not have to pay for this knowledge, as it is an ancient knowledge that belongs to humanity. The only thing that you need is patience, patience towards yourself, as your capacity of acquiring your mastery is bound to your starting-state: the more you are balanced, the easier will be. But there is no competition in this discipline, so even if you are not very balanced you will succeed in your personal achievement and fruit of your dedication will be clear and visible: you will look younger and more energetic, always peaceful and serene, full of joy, dynamic and focused.

If you want you can also attend live courses of Sahaja Yoga, they are freely available in many countries;  just check the list of centers. Other resources: Free MeditationOnLine Meditation.Enjoy your journey to the discover of your Self.

Yoga Class 1: how to start

Awaken your inner energy and get your Self Realization now. Everything is ready inside you, you only need to learn how to use your inner power for your betterment.

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Yoga Class 2: basic knowledge

See how to start your meditation and the first techniques for clearing your subtle system.

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Yoga Class 3: the 3 energetic channels

In this class we will see the three energetic channels, how they work, how to balance them, etc.

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Yoga Class 4: Mooladhara chakra

In this class we will start with the chakra by having a look at the first one: the Mooladhara chakra. This chakra is at the base of our Ascent and requires a lot of care. It is the chakra that preserves our Innocence and Wisdom.

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Yoga Class 5: The five elements

In this class we will see the five elements that are part of our material koshas, constituent of our soul. They are Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Ether.

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Note. I am not a native English speaker, so please forgive my mistakes and concentrate only on the essence of the lessons. The same thing is for the Sanskrit terms that are transliteration in English, in order to be accessible to everybody; those who know Sanskrit well, please forgive possible mistakes.

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