Spirit versus Alcohol

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Every country is characterised by its own fashions that come and go, but it is easy to notice that there is an everlasting fashion that many countries have in common: drinking alcoholic drinks.
This habit is socially accepted and many people are convinced that drinking alcohol helps them to socialize, because it pulls down our taboos and our inner fears.
What is the suble Truth behind this?

Actually alcohol is capable of neutralizing our awareness and makes us weak and easy prey of for any danger surrounding us. It makes us capable to do things that we’d normally never do and that we’d be better not doing.
Now I am not going to write a document that emphasizes what the effects of alcohol are on our physical health: there are already so many documents around!

What I want to emphasize is the effect on our Spiritual health: alcohol is a true enemy of our spiritual ascent. The effect of demolishing our awareness does not only effect us physically but also our Spiritual awareness is pulled down and we end up being easy prey of whatever negative force is around us and ready to attack us.

Our awareness is very important.

At a physical level, it is reknown that our liver is damaged by alcohol. The liver is the physical aspect of a chakra (a chakra is a Spiritual energetic centre) called Swadhisthan. The Swadhisthan is very important because on one side it controls our attention and on the other side our pure knowledge. These two principles are closely related and as one of them goes down also the other one follows.
When our attention (in other words our awareness) is affected, also the capacity to be protected from false knowledge (that means whatever false idea, negative feeling, etc.) is affected: in this way, our Spitual ascent is greatly compromised.

In the following video, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi clearly explains what the effects of alcohol are on our system.


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