My name is Joy

Infant Joy

Infant Joy

“I have no name:
I am but two days old.”
What shall I call thee?
“I happy am,
Joy is my name.”
Sweet joy befall thee!
(William Blake)


 An important role in our Spiritual evolution is played by our state of innocence.
Innocence must not be confused with ingenuity: innocence is expression of our purity and gives us great wisdom.
Innocence is at the base of our Spiritual spiritual evolution and sustains it.
In the chakra chart of human energetic system, this quality is expressed by the first chakra (called Mooladhara), but it is reflected in every other chakra. Mooladhara is at the base of our spine, just under the sacred bone.

When our Mooladhara chakra is perfectly working, we can experience a state of everlasting joy.
If in our daily life we might experience quickly changeable moods (one moment we are happy, next moment we are sad; one moment we are at the top of the world, next moment we feel flat on the ground, etc.), when our Mooladhara chakra is perfectly working such a swinging mood doesn’t exist. Our mood is steady, we always feel serene and joyful.

If we use looking for exciting and extravagant experiences at the point to be completely addicted to them… this trend will disappear, because in a state of complete inner harmony we will never feel unsatisfied and we will always find creative and beautiful ways to enjoy our life.

How to reach this point?

First of all we need to desire to become completely pure and this desire will be the key to open the chest of our heart (where actually our Spirit resides) that will enlighten your attention and will suggest you what is better to do and not to do to reach this target.
An example: you can try to spend as  much free time as possible in touch with nature. You can sit on the Mother Earth (it could be the countryside, the seashore, the closest park or, at most, your home garden), put your hands on the ground and remain in silence. Of course, I know, silence won’t come immediately, but just let your upcoming thoughts flow towards the earth and also, respectfully, ask to Mother Earth: “Please, Mother, deliver me from all these tensions”. You can find your suitable formula, the important is to do it by heart.
Since it is difficult to go to park every day (especially in winter), you can reproduce this experience at home with a well known treatment called “foot soak“.

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