Recipe for a perfect foot soak

Foot soak

Foot soak

A fantastic technique that helps us to remove all the tensions we collect during the day is foot soak.
It is amazingly simple and very effective when it is constantly practised.
In this technique, we are using the elements of water and Mother Earth (represented by the salt).

bowl 1
jug 1
towel 1
salt 1-2 handful

Fill the bowl and the jug with water.  
Water should be:

  • warmer if you feel down, sad or lethargic;
  • cooler if you feel stressed or too much excited.

Put the salt into the bowl, sit on a chair and gracefully put your feet in the bowl. You need to find a quiet place in the house where to stay.
Then try to look for silence inside yourself. Do not concetrate on anything, just leave the upcoming thoughts flow away. It will take some time to reach a state of thoughtless awareness, even it is just in the moment in which we are looking for inner silence that we realise how many thoughts are bombarding us! These thoughts come from all the tensions we collect everyday and, if we never dedicate some time to remove them, they do not go away by themselves, but they simply pile up inside us.
If you don’t succed to remain thoughtless at first temptatives, do not discourage. I know it could happen: I had my start up as well!

When you finish (after about 10-15 minutes), just pour the clean water of the jug on your feet and dry them. Finally throw the water of the bowl into the loo.

That’s it! Simple, isn’t it?

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