Easter: between tradition and sacrality

Candid Dove

Candid Dove

In Italy, we use to celebrate Easter (called in Italian “Pasqua”  that from Hebrew means “passage”) that represents the day of resurrection of Jesus Christ, who, being crucified, miraculously returned to life after three days.
Traditionally, we use to eat a sweet called “colomba” (that means “dove”) and a chocolate egg. These symbols have an interesting spiritual representation.


For instance, the dove is a commonly renowned symbol of purity and moreover she has the peculiarity to soar vertically towards the sky. She reminds us the Kundalini, that, against the gravity law, rises from the bottom of our spine up to top of our head.
The Kundalini is a sacred energy that dwells in our sacred bone (located at the bottom of the spine); when Kundalini is awakened, she rises along our spine and crosses all the chakras (except the first one that is under the sacred bone) and purify all of them.

Another interesing symbol is the egg. It represents the second birth, that means the re-birth in Spirit. First we come to the world as human beings, but afterwards we can evolve and become pure Spirit.
Jesus Christ told us that we need to get our second birth, that is in Spirit and, with His resurrection, He showed us that this is possible; He showed us that we are not our body, but we are pure Spirit: He was actually pure Spirit.
He sacrificed for us to understand that death does not exists.

Happy Easter to everyone!

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