Forgiveness: highway to paradise

Light crossing clouds

Light crossing clouds

A difficult task we are often compelled to accomplish is to manage situations or people that have provoked in us disappointment, offence, anger. Our typical reaction is to think and re-think about the fault. We are completely entangled in a net of thoughts and our moods uncontrollably swing: one moment we are upset, next moment we are angry, and so on.
The best thing to do is to forgive. I know, it is very easy to say, but some times there are faults that look impossible to be forgiven. We could be unfairly blamed or someone could have caused us a serious damage, how to forgive then?

The important point of forgiveness is that it comes not for solving a problem and/or punishing someone, but it is for our own goodness.  That we forgive or not forgive doesn’t solve the problem in itself. If we don’t forgive, it is us to be in trouble, because we keep on absorbing all the tensions involved in the case. Furthermore, if we forgive, our mind becomes clear and in such a state of mind we can even be able to find a solution.

Mostly, the difficulty in forgiving comes from the fact that we are commonly bombarded by thoughts, we cannot really keep still for few minutes without thinking. Our mind is like a boiler that never stops boiling.
So, we need to find ways to trick our mind so that thoughts tend to disappear. There are some easy and practical treatments that can help us to reduce our tension.

Subtle aspect
Agnya chakraAn important aspect of forgiveness is that it is the way to clear our Agnya chakra. This chakra is located in our head and is given by the crossing of the left side channel and the right side channel. The ending of these two channels create two balloons in our head: right Agnya and left Agnya. All the tensions of our channels go and blow these two balloons and cause us having thoughts.
These two ballons press on the central channel and prevent Kundalini to rise up to the Sahasrara, that practically corresponds to our inner paradise. So, in the moment we are able to forgive and release the tensions captured in our Agnya chakra, we can reach a state of bliss.
But even before awakening our Kundalini, we can verify that after forgiving we can reconquer a state of serenity and peace inside us.

Personal experience
It is really interesting to notice how much we can be creative even in forging. We can invent different solutions for different cases.
My favourite one is catcthing the person off-guard. If a person treats me not nicely, I tend to be double nice with him/her. But not in a false, hypocritical way, but with the pure desire to make the person understand that there is no point in attacking me. Some times people attack us because they themselves are scared and maybe, unwillingly, it is just us with our behaviour to provoke their reaction. Or maybe these people have never known sweetness or love, and this is why they are so hard and insensitive. It is up to us to decide if making a change in the world or not.
There is a nice movie that I suggest you to see: Kirikù and the sorceress. It clearly shows like appareances can deceive us and only with pure heart and clear mind we can reveal them.

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