I am innocent

I am innocent

In the previous article, I said how much important is forgiving. Forgiveness helps us to remove all the tensions from our mind.

Now let’s go to a step forward: forgiveness is just an illusion.

 Why do we need to forgive? Why do we need to say to ourselves that we forgive someone or something?

The answer is straightforward:  it is because we think that someone is guilty.
We have grown up with a sense of guilt, that we see in others in the same way as we see in ourselves. The sense of guilt is so rooted inside us that we are not able to see it: actually it is included in our cultural background.

It is a circle.
Someone offends us. We have a “feeling” of guilt that we project on this person and we judge him. Speaking in yogi terms, the sense of guilt affects our Vishuddi chakra on the left side, while judgement affects our Agnya chakra. Afterwards, as we feel (consciously or unconsciously) tension in our mind (Agnya chakra), we could desire to deliver our mind from that tension, in other words: to forgive!
Practically, it is the sense of guilt to trigger the whole process. If we get rid of the sense of guilt, if we do not see guilt in others and in ourselves any more, we won’t judge and not even need to forgive!

In my opinion, separating the concepts of “error” and “guilt” is important .
We can see the error and we can face it and eventually correct it.
The guilt is an emotional involvement that provokes frustration and often prevents us to see the error and then to correct it.

I tell you that ultimately it is possible to reach a state in which our Agnya becomes completely clear and our mind (the loads of thoughts storming in our brain) disappears, so that whatever offence could reach us, will simply pass through and leave us untouched.

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