Creation of Shri Ganesha

Shri Ganesha dancing

Shri Ganesha dancing

One day, two friends, Jaya and Vijaya made realise to Goddess Parvati that Shri Shiva, Her husband, had under His rule a lot of attendants (the Ganas), while She had none. One morning, while Shri Parvati was taking Her bath, Shri Shiva ordered the sacred bull Nandia to let Him in and met the Goddess while bathing.
She did not told Him off, but recalled what Her friends told Her. So She decided to create a being who completely obeyed to Her. 

She shaped a child taking clay from Her body (She is also Mother Earth) and gave life to Him. He was beautiful and very strong. She gave Him immaculate clothes and blessed Him: “You are my beloved son. You are my dearest one.”
The child bowed to the Mother of the Universe, saying: “I’ll obey to all of your orders, please ask me”. Shri Parvati asked Him ot settle as a guard in front of the door of Her rooms: “Nobody must come in without my permission” and the Goddess gave to Shri Ganesha a big stick, so that He could discourage any visitor.

Later, Shri Shiva turned up again at the door of the Goddess’s flats and Shri Ganesha, not knowing He was His Mother’s husband, told Him: “Without my mother’s permission, that is currently bathing, nobody can enter”. As Shri Shiva tried to enter, Shri Ganesha hit Him with His stick. Shri Shiva retired and sent His Ganas to go and ask who was that person at the door of His abide.
The Ganas threatend Shri Ganesha, who hit them with His stick. In the meanwhile, the Goddess hearing the noise, said to Shri Ganesha to keep on His place.
Then Shri Ganesha returned to the Ganas: “We are accomplishing the same task: you are serving Shiva, while I watch the door of my mother’s rooms. I eas given orders: nobody must come in.”
The Ganas repeated to Shri Shiva Shri Ganesha’s words. The candid Lord replied: “You are my supporters, my all are my dearest. Still if we are rejected, the voice that Shiva is subdued to his wife could spread around. We need to fight so that fate is realised”.

The Ganas returned to face Shri Ganesha, who received them in the following way: “Welcome to the valorous Ganas, who obey to Shiva’s orders! In front of you who are thousands, I am just a simple boy; I have never fought in battle; the Goddess will see the strength of her son and Shiva the strength of his Ganas”. So the battle started, but, in spite of the number, Ganas were receiving a lesson from the child. At the same time, many of the major Deities were meeting Shri Shiva to know what was going on. Shri Shiva first confided to shri Brahma: “Many of my servants have been defeated; you, Brahma, should try to placate this child and bring him back to reason”. But when Shri Brahma approched Shri Ganesha, the latter ripped off His beard and moustache, thinking He was Shri Shiva in disguise.
At this point, Shri Shiva got really angry and ordered to kill the child. And at this point, even Shri Paravati intervened and sent Her frightful shaktis Kali and Durga to come and help the child.
The first one, opening her mouth swallowed all the throw bullets; while Shri Durga, riding Her tiger, was annihilating Ganas with Her numerous arms.

After tha defeat of his Ganas, Shri Shiva, full of rage, went to the battlefield. All the deities rejoiced and followed Him. On the field, Shri Ganesha was fighting with honour and Shri Shiva realised that he was dealing with an extraordinary being and confided to Shri Vishnu that only with trickery they could manage the situation.
They planned an attack. Vishnu, riding Garuda, threw His disk against Shri Ganesha’s stick and broke it.
Then the boy threw the handle against the God. But Garuda grasped it and the boy remained disarmed. At this point, alas, Shri Shiva approached the child from the back and cut the child’s head off with His trident.

The news of shri Ganesha’s death spread imediately. The Goddess Parvati was furous and said: “What a shame. My child, a simple boy, has been killed by an army of Ganas and Devas. I will destroy everything!”. Vishnu and Brahma, preoccupied, visited Her: “Please, Great Mother, bring back peace into th world!”. The Goddes warned them: “I only stopped, when my son will be restored to life”.

They reported Shri Parvati’s decision to Shri Shiva that told them: “The peaces must come back into the three worlds. Go to north, cut the head of the first being you meet and fix it to the body of Parvati’s son”. Not very far, they came through an elephant and executed shri Shiva’s orders: they cut the elephant’s head and place it at the top of the neck of Shri Ganesha; after performing a proper ritual, Shri Ganesha returned back to life. He was smiling and His innocence made Him appear gracious inspite of His elephant head.

Shiva, Parvati, Ganesha

Shiva, Parvati, Ganesha

The Goddess was very happy. She caressed Him and kissed Him: “Your face, my dear son, is of colour of vermillion; you will be venerated with powder of red colour. Those who will offer you Ketaka flowers, sandal paste, porfume, candies, Betal leaves and will do Aarti to your picture, that will be venerated everywhere, they will be liberated by all the obstacles that prevent their realisation”.
She herself offered homage to Him and peace was restored into the world.
Then Shri Shiva put His lotus hands on Shri Ganesha’s head and turning to the other Deities declared: “This is my beloved son! He will be the chief of my Ganas. In every ritual, He will be venerated. If He is not venerated first, no prayer will reach my ears”.
At this point, all of them, Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu, Parvati and all the Ganas adored Ganesha.


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