Wisdom of Shri Ganesha

Ganesha's innocent eye

Ganesha's innocent eye

There is another nice story about Shri Ganesha, that shows His wisdom and His devotion to His mother.

Day came that both Shri Ganesha and Shri Kartikeya, the beloved sons of Shri Shiva and Shri Parvati, were in age to get married. But they did not know who should have been the first to get married so that the other one did not get upset.

Then they decided to arrange a competition, so that the winner should have been the first to marry.
Shri Parvati said: “My dear sons, you will do the world tour and the first to arrive will be the winner.”
Immediately, Shri Kartikeya started and in a bit, riding His fast peacock, went very far.
Instead Shri Ganesha was quite concerned as His vehicle was a humble mouse and could not run so fast. He thought for a little bit and then, watching at His mother, immediately realised: “Who is greater than my mother that created the all world? So, if I turn around my mother, it is the same as turning around the world!!!!”
Said and done, Shri Ganesha made a complete tour around His mother and finally said: “I am finished, o holy mother!”
Shri Parvati replied: “What are you saying? You have not even started yet!”
But Shri Ganesha, promptly, explained: “Mother, you are the greatest in the world as you created the whole world; so turning around you is the same as turning around the world!”
The Divine parents were pleased by Their son’s wisdom and declared He was actually the winner.

As Shri Kartikeya returned back and saw His brother already enjoying the reward, He got really upset at the point that (it is said) He decided to keep the status eternal celibacy.

Ganesha playing and dancing

Ganesha playing and dancing

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