The Love of the World

Palazzo Doria a Cabella

Palazzo Doria a Cabella

Commonly we are used to think that love is a feeling we can exchange with animated world: people, animals and even plants.
If we give love to a person, we expect that this love will be returned by that person. Many people probably experienced the same with their pets or eventually with the plants they taking care of.
But I have recently experienced that this law can be extended to the whole world.

Last summer I spent a month in Cabella, a nice small village in Northern Italy. During the summer, this small village is populated by thousands of yogis because international meetings are organized there.
So I spent one month there to help the organization and I was staying in a big white house (called “castle”) that lies on the hill above the village. There were about 40 yogis in the castle, and everybody had daily tasks to accomplish for common living.

One afternoon, my task was washing dishes and tidying up the kitchen. It sounds like nothing special, but that day it was special.
That day I was alone to do the washing and after everybody finished their meal, the kitchen became my reign. Washing and tidying is such a common chore, that usually we do it mechanically without putting so much attention.
But in that moment, I felt a particular enthusiasm flowing inside me and the strong desire to take care of that kitchen like it was my dearest thing. I felt that my enthusiasm turned into love flowing from me and filling that place and creating a magic atmosphere. It was no more me and the kitchen, but we were in complete harmony one with the other.
But something came to perturb that atmosphere: someone came, ate something and carelessly left things untidy. At that point doubts came to me, that I was exaggerating to be so caring, because people did not really care.
I was quite disappointed and as I finished my task, I left the castle and went to the village.

Door of the castle

I returned back to the castle only after two hours and, being thirsty, I went straight to the kitchen and it was just in that moment that a wonderful thing happened and I could finally understand the value and the potential of our love.
I had just crossed the threshold of the door that I felt the love of the kitchen welcoming me!!!
It was amazing, I myself could not believe it. I could not believe that an inanimate thing was capable to return love.

So, this is the magic of love: it does not know limits!

It is us to put chains to our love and to bind it to this or that thing, to this or that person so that we become completely conditioned by these limits. But when we free our love and allow it to go in every direction, without restrictions, then this love becomes universal and inexhaustible.
At this point, we should not worry any more to be disappointed, to be misunderstood, to be not loved, because we are the source of love.

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