The Spiritual Revolution

Check: do you feel cool?

Check: do you feel cool?

In many times of the history, many people had to fight for their freedom or they had to sustain a revolution for their emancipation. These revolutionary movements have been important because they allowed humanity to go ahead in its evolution.
But, strange enough,  this freedom and this welfare,  that we have struggled so much to gain, are not giving us a real long-lasting happiness…

On the contrary, they are leading us towards a new kind of malaise, probably worse than what we had experienced when we had nothing. Well, at least in past we had the hope that things could improve and that we could get to a better state, but now we are already in a better state and still it looks that life is not smiling to us.


Well, now it is time to start a new revolution.
It is the time to “take arms against a sea of troubles and opposing end them”.
But first of all, we need to find out what are the enemies to fight. The point is that we have conquered a state of welfare outside of us, but we left our inner welfare drifting away.
We forgot that we have a Spirit inside us, that is aware of what we are doing or not doing. And if we forget our Spirit, oh well even our Spirit will forget to manifest himself and give us all the everlasting joy, harmony and love that he preserves. We will be free to choose our worldly destiny, but even condemned not to know the incredible beauty of our Spiritual side.

So at this point, what are the enemies we are supposed to fight?
It sounds clear that they are just the enemies of the Spirit: lust, anger, greed,attachment, jealousy & vanity. We are the victims of these monsters that prevent us to fully enjoy our life.
The good news is that we do not really need to take weapons and go into a field, but the only arms we need to embrace are the love and the devotion towards ourselves and the pure desire to realize this wonderful task that will really bring humanity to a new, higher level in its evolution.

Child blowingWe all have the right to be happy, but first of all we need to know what are the real obstacles.
It is not the annoying neighbour or the bossy director. It is not the capricious wife or the indifferent husband.
Whatever causes us sufferance, first comes from inside, because we have lost our roots, we have lost the connection with the beauty of our being, we have been cheated by the malicious illusions of the superficial world and believed that they could really make us happy.
So let’s start our Spiritual Revolution now!
And let’s not indulge any more, that the absolute joy is just behind the door of our Heart and it is only waiting for us to discover it!



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  5. I would say Last Judgment.

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