Stories of Buddha

Enlightenment of Bhudda

How to get clear water

Once, Buddha was going from one city to another one with some of His followers. This episode happened in the first days; while travelling, they approached a lake, stopped there and Buddha said to one of His disciples: “I am firsty, please take me some water from that lake”. The disciple headed for there.
When he arrived, he realized that just in that moment a charriot dragged by a bull was crossing the lake with the result that the water became very muddy and cloudy. The disciple thought: “How can I give this cloudy water to drink to the Holy Buddha?”. So he came back and said to the Buddha: “The water there is very muddy, I don’t think it is worth drinking”.
After about half an hour, the Buddha asked to the same disciple to go back to the lake to take some drinkable water. The obbidient disciple headed for there and also this time he found out that the water was muddy; he came back and informed the Buddha.
After some time, again the Buddha asked the disciple to go back to the lake; this time, finally, the disciple found that the lake’s water was absolutely clear. The mud had fell down to the bottom and the water on the surface looked perfect to be taken. So he got some water in a bowl and offered it to the Buddha who watched at it and then, turnig to the disciple said: “Look what made the water clean, you just let it be… and the mud fell down on the bottom by itself… and you could take the clean water.”
So, in the same way behaves your mind! When it is disturbed, just let it be, give it time and it will calm down. You should not force yourself to calm it, it will happen… effortlessly.

How shall I call you?

One day, a sage man met Lord Buddha and he was so honoured that enthusiastically greeted Him: 
“Namaste, o Great Sage”.
Lord Buddha looked at him and serenely replied:
“I am not a sage”.
The man felt slightly embarassed and tried again:
“Namaste, Great Master”.
Again, Lord Buddha looked at him and joyfully replied:
“I am not a master”.
At this point, the man definetedly confused, humbly asked:
“How shall I call you, then?”
And Lord Buddha: “I am the awakened“.


Once Buddha was in a dejected mood as he did not succeed in his Yogic practices. He knew not where to go and what to do. A village girl noticed his sorrowful face. She approached him and said to him in a polite manner: “Revered sir, may I bring some food for you? It seems you are very hungry”. Gautama looked at her and said, “What is your name, my dear sister?”. The maiden answered, “Venerable sir, my name is Sujata”. Gautama said, “Sujata, I am very hungry. Can you really appease my hunger?”
 The innocent Sujata did not understand Gautama. Gautama was spiritually hungry. He was thirsting to attain supreme peace and Self-realization. He wanted spiritual food.
Sujata placed some food before Gautama and entreated him to take it. Gautama smiled and said, “Beloved Sujata, I am highly pleased with your kind and benevolent nature. Can this food appease my hunger ?”. Sujata replied, “Yes sir, it will appease your hunger. Kindly take it now”.
Gautama began to eat the food underneath the shadow of a large tree, thenceforth to be called as the great ‘Bo-tree’ or the tree of wisdom. Gautama sat in a meditative mood underneath the tree from early morning to sunset, with a fiery determination and an iron resolve: “Let me die. Let my body perish. Let my flesh dry up. I will not get up from this seat till I get full illumination”. He plunged himself into deep meditation.
At night he entered into deep Samadhi (superconscious state) underneath that sacred Bo-tree (Pipal tree or ficus religiosa). He was tempted by Mara in a variety of ways, but he stood adamant. He did not yield to Mara’s allurements and temptations. He came out victorious with full illumination.
He attained Nirvana (liberation).
His face shone with divine splendour and effulgence. He got up from his seat and danced in divine ecstasy for seven consecutive days and nights around the sacred Bo-tree. Then he came to the normal plane of consciousness. His heart was filled with profound mercy and compassion. He wanted to share what he had with humanity. He traveled all over India and preached his doctrine and gospel. He became a saviour, deliverer and redeemer.

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