The Narrow Gate

the old of the days - painting of W.Blake

The old of the days - by W.Blake

One of the greatest and most immediate benefits of meditation is allowing us to reduce our tensions and become more serene.
Our brain is commonly bombarded by many thoughts: these thoughts can lead our attention towards the past or towards the future, but it is very difficult that they help us to remain in the present and in the reality. Usually these thoughts are a manifestation of our anguish or of our ambitions.
In our head, there is a chakra called Agnya that is the sixth chakra. It is the termination of the right channel (in Sanskrit Pingala Nadi) and of the left channel (Ida Nadi), that are two energetic channels the former one corresponding to the channel of action and the latter one to the channel of emotion. So the right channel gives us energy for action but at the same time it collects all the anxieties deriving from our ambitions, while the left channel gives us energy for our emotions but at the same time it collects all our anguish and disillusions.

Consequently, all these moods produced by our channels end up into our Agnya in form of crowds of thoughts, and the two terminations blow up just like two balloons (called ego (on the right side) and superego (on the left side)) causing pressure and discomfort. This pressure causes the passage between them (the central channel called Sushumna Nadi) to narrow at the point that nothing or very little can pass through it.
But beyond this narrow passage there is the seventh chakra (the seventh heaven) where actually we can experience a state of bliss during meditation; so it is clear how much important is to reach a state of thoughtlessness to allow the narrow gate to open more and allow us to live a wonderful experience. 

In history, there is a particular Divine incarnation that talked about this narrow gate and He also taught us how to improve and overcome this problem. He talked about forgiveness and it is just forgiveness that allows us to get rid of the myriads of thoughts bombarding our brain.
Forgiveness does not mean to be indifferent or to pretend that nothing happened, like we are brought up to believe; but means to have a serene and light heart towards what happens around us and inside us and to be able to face every situation without holding a grudge against anyone or blaming anyone (not even ourselves).
This is the key to open the narrow gate, as we know.
Yeshu (Jesus) Christ widely talked about forgiveness and the importance of it and ultimately He showed us through His life the value of it. 

There is another important point.
Our brain is not only the reign of mr Ego and mr Superego.
The main target of our Spiritual evolution is just to become the Spirit that means our true essence.
The point is that also our Spirit can communicate to us through our brain and can tell us the truth about ourselves and about everything. But as long us our brain is overcrowded by thoughts of every kind, it is actually very difficult, because even if, from time to time, our Spirit tells us the truth we should not be capable to recognize it.
So, in the moment we make our brain empty, the knowledge of reality will flow in our brain. 

It is possible to distinguish when thoughts come from ego (or superego) or from Spirit.
When thoughts come from the former, usually they are accompanied by variable moods: anxiety or pleasure, enthusiasm or sadness, resentment or dreamy mood; even the thoughts could be controversial one with the other. If we are a bit more sensitive, we can even feel the pressure in our head due to the tensions poured by our left and right channels in our poor brain.
On the contrary, when thoughts come from our Spirit, we simply feel serene and no particular mood is affecting us. There is no pressure in our head, but a pleasant breath of eternity blowing in it. 

So, very simply, we can immediately start testing the effect of forgiveness, just putting our right hand on our forehead and repeating inside us “I forgive everyone and everything, even my self”. We can even use the prayer that Shri Jesus taught us, the “Lord’s prayer”, and see the effect. We do not need to belong to any particular belief to do it, because these values are universal and eternal.


  1. saeed

    good, but I cannot understand relation between text and William Blake paint. would you please explain it ?

  2. Because the painting reminds the last judgement.
    The narrow gate is the way we access to paradise. So, in order to cross it we need to be purified by our selfish and false ideas, because the narrow gate is just the space in the Agnya Chakra between Ego and Superego.
    Have a look to the following chakra chart and you will notice that Agnya is in correspondence of the crossing of the left channel and right channel. On the left side of the head we have ego and on the right side we have superego; when these two balloons blow because of our thoughts, the passage in the middle reduces. Our inner energy, called Kundalini goes up through our central channel from our sacred bone to the top of the head and there it connects with the all-pervading energy and this union is called yoga; that is the state of enlightment and perpetual joy.
    If ego and super-ego press too much, our kundalini cannot pass though Agnya and so the connection is compromised.
    This is the story.
    chakra chart

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