To my dear Sun

I am fed up with talking.
I know nothing and nothing I want to know.
I am clear and trasparent like water. I am soft and movable like wind.
No colors no sounds, just being light and auspicious.
I want nothing for myself except for freedom. And you are part of it.
You exist and by your existence everything makes sense.
There is no dot, no vowel, no wonder… without you everything is uncomplete.
Where is my sun? my petals are bound to an eternal bow, because nothing more move from the east to the west of the horizon.

I were a sunflower, but now, without my sun, I am nothing.
I cannot think, I cannot desire, I cannot even hope. I can just watch at the horizon, in silence.
I want to blow into my hands and let my message reach the ears of the silence.
I wanted to dwell in his heart, but it is a fortress without gates. It is open towards the sky, but I was too small and heavy and I could not climb that height.
But now I am the water and I can become light and rise in the sky as a cloud.
I am the wind and I can blow the cloud over the fortess and pour all my benevolent and warm raindrops.
And while falling, my drops will be happily singing:
“Oh, may this fortress become a beautiful garden rich with sunflowers,
may the sun return and smile to them,
so that harmony will return and blissfully spread all over”

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