Benevolence: expression of our love

Shri Ram Hugs Hanuman

Shri Ram Hugs Shri Hanuman

 In a previous article (see Shiva Tattwa), we have seen the principle corresponding to our Spirit, to our Self. We have seen that when our Spirit is completely manifested we are drenched with an everlasting joy. The power that allows us to be in such a state is love, pure love. With pure love it is meant love that is unconditioned and that pour out from our heart when our heart is clear. So this is a state that we can enjoy within ourself.
Another important and wonderful aspect of our personality is that we can give joy and love to other other people. In the sense that if other people are not blessed by this capacity to feel joy and love in their heart, then we can, as it is commonly said, open their heart.

The quality that is involved is benevolence, that is expression of our love through our compassion and it is the most important quality that a king (and in general a leader) should be endowed with. 
Benevolence is an evolved form of wisdom that is expressed through our love. Benevolence is the capacity to make anyone at home indipendently on the social position; so it is  also expression of humility. It is the capacity to take decisions for the goodness of eveybody, before his own interest.

What stops this quality from manifesting is lack of responsibility and at the opposite the extreme sense of duty (in other words we feel ourselves so responsible as if the whole world were on our shoulders).
On one end we tend to become negligent and indulgent and we tend to ignore the needs of other people and often even ours. On the other end, we tend to become hard and exigent towards other people and even towards ourselves; we are continuously in a state of tension and we feel bound to what we “must be” or “must do” and we expect the same severity from other people.
In this way we lose the flexibility and the capacity to see in the hearts of people.

On the contrary, the benevolence spreads from inside us as a pleasant and light feeling and, dissolving  every tension and expectation, moves towards the whole world. We feel the complete desire to “want the goodness” of other people as the word itself suggests, without necessarily forcing other people to our will; actually the word benevolence means (from latin “benevolentia”): willing (volentia) the good (bene).

Thousands of years ago, an important Divine incarnation came on the Earth. He was Shri Ram, who fully represented the qualities of a perfect king. He was reknown for His benevolence and the complete respect of Dharma (the natural laws for keeping us on the right way).
There is a known epics, called Ramayana, that describes the story of Shri Ram, as he had unrigheously to go in exile with His wife and His brother Laxmana and had to fight a terrible demon who kidnapped His wife and was terrify the surroundings with his evil deeds.

So, while the principle of the Self (represented by Shri Shiva) allows us to enjoy our being and it is practically a pure potential love, this quality of benevolence (represented by Shri Ram) allows our love to expand from our heart towards infinite. Benevolence is the love in action.
And actually, at subtle level, the Shiva Tattwa is the principle that resides in our heart on the left side (the emotional side) and benevolence resides in our heart on the right side (the side of action).


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  1. Kundalini is Shiva Tattwa as well.

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