Soul Mate

Shri Radha & Shri Krishna

Shri Radha & Shri Krishna

One of the most controversial subject in the world is about the relationship between women and men.
It can easily happen that one moment two people completely fall in love and the next moment they do not even want to talk each other. We know that the rate of divorces is very high.
Why does this happen?

Well, we could say that this is due to changes in traditions. That before marriage was considered sacred and that there were other values that now are no more respected, etc.
But I feel like that we can go deeper in the subject.

We know that animals do not marry. They just look for the best match for reproduction following their instinct.
We are not animals, but legacy to animal world still exists in our unaware memory. We are also pushed to look for the best match, but the best match for what?
In reality, human beings are candidates to reach a higher level in their evolution and a process of emancipation is happening inside them, consciously or unconsciously.
Let’s say that our evolution consists in elevating ourselves from human level to spiritual level. So, it is natural to think that the best match for us is the one that helps us to complete our spiritual evolution.
What does that mean? That in the world there could a person that could be our “spiritual match”.

When we suddenly fall in love with someone, this could be for a banal reason like physical attraction and so it is clearly something a bit “animal”, but sometimes we could really feel a strong feeling in our heart and have the sensation of a deep relationship with the other person just like how our “human being” expects.
So, how does it happen that after some time we could feel tired of such a strong relationship? Or how does it happen that such a relationship does not help us to evolve, to improve ourselves?
The point is that even if we can feel a kind of emotional satisfaction, as the other person is not probably our effective “spiritual match” then we end up feeling not satisfied in spiritual sense.
Spiritual realization is something that goes beyond happiness and love, it is something that cannot be experienced at human level. It is a unique experience and cannot be compared to nothing else commonly known. It is something very high and sublime that complete our spiritual dimension.

There are some special cases as well. It can happen that some soul can split before taking their birth. They split in the feminine and masculine form and incarnate in two different people (man and woman).  If they feel the desire to stay together, they should stay together, because, necessarily, these two people will feel completed one in the other.

In any case, whatever we decide in life, if our attention is on our spirit, then we will meet the person that will help us to go higher.


  1. Hari Prakash

    Dear Silvana,

    Your article is very good. A man and a woman are reflections of Sada Shiva and Adi Shati. A man does n’t have a meaning without a woman. She is his shakti. In India, people say – “where the women are respected, there lives all the Gods”.(In Sanskrit – YATRA NARYANTI PUJYANTE TATRA RAHANTI DEVATA). But the women become so powerful only when they respect morality. In today’s modern world, this is a rarity. Only Sahaja Yoga gives us that authoritative knowledge .

    In India, people were very ritualistic. Shri Krishna came to remove that rigidity in India. He introduced dances among people,importance of women and collectivity. In fact, the whole war of Maha Baharata was due to humiliation done to one woman. So powerful women are, Shri Mataji says, in Sahaja Yoga, if they ask for anything, they will get that immediately. But for modern day women, it is not possible because they don’ have morality.

    Just to give you an idea of chastity of Indian women: Around 15th Century, in Rajasthan, a muslim king conquered a town in India. All the men of that town fought bravely in the war and died. The women didn’t want to offer themselves to those muslims. Around 32,000 women burnt themselves to death. That was the importance they were giving to Chastity. Now, it is difficult for a modern man to comprehend this.

    In India,because of the influence of Kali Yuga, people went to extreme and tortured their women. So, they had to live under some body else’s ruling for nearly 1000 years.

    In a marriage, a man has to respect his woman and the woman has to support the man. Both of them have to understand the values of morality. Then that family will be supported by gods.

  2. Yes, that’s true.
    The famous Indian queen who burnt herself to protect her chastisty is Padmini.

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