The Sun is back

Rise your head, stretch your petals,
dear sunflower, your sorrow is over.
The sky is open, the light is bright
the warm rays have returned to kiss this delighted land.

“The sun is back! The sun is back!”
are singing little birds
“Oh no, I’ve never left”
replied the sun
“it’s the clouds, your doubts
to blur me and hide,
but the blessed wind came
and swept them away
and this’s why you can see me again”

See the flowers are all open now
they are a symphony of colors,
elating me with their fragrance.
See two butterflies flying
in their spiral dance to the sky,
their flickering wings are like the eyes,
the eyes of our twirling souls smile.


  1. JSM,
    Amazingly beautiful blog; & thanks a lot for linking me;
    I also linked your nice blog.
    Sahaj love.

  2. ruby

    Absolutely wonderful, I just whished to remember that at all times and conquer those horrendous fears and doubts.

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