Dharma and maryadas

Dharma is a Sanskrit term that covers many meanigns in the Southern Asian cultures. It can be translated with “Duty”, “Law”, “Cosmic Law”, “Natural Law”, or “the way things are”; it is also translated with “religion”.
The term Dharma acquires a different sense depending on it is applied. It corresponds to a series of behaviours that a living being should adopt in accordance with its species.
For example, a tiger has its own natural way to behave that will never be the same as that of a rabbit.
In the same way, a human being has his own specific dharma to follow, that is not like that of a tiger and not even of a rabbit. Human beings are more evolved with respect to animals and in the course of evolution has developed the capacity to think and make choices that go beyond his istinct.
Surely, human being mantains some legacies from the animal world from which he comes, but, not being at the same evolutive level of an animal, has to follow a different dharma though.

The main point is that all the beings have a spirit, but human being is given the chance to evolve at the point to completely become the spirit. But, at the same time, human being is also given the free will, that is the possibility to choose if following the good or the evil, if evolving or not.
From this point a different Dharma for human beings is born, a Dharma that allows to follow what is good for his inner balance and for his evolution.

Mantaining inner balance and harmony (being in the center) is a hard task, because we are continuously brought to follow our istincts and our inclinations, that not always allow us to remain in the central path of righteousnees.
There are six natural enimies that costantly try to move us away from the center: greed, anger, pride, lust and vanity. They can sneak into our mind in a light or stronger way, but surely getting rid of them completely allow us to be absolutely pure and serene.
For this reason simple rules exist, called maryadas, that suggest us how to behave in a way to keep us in balance. Human Dharma is so given by maryadas.
An example of maryadas is the well-known Decalogue that God released to Moses on the Mount Sinai.

Of course, in the same way as human beings are evolved, also their Dharma is evolved.
For example, in the old times forgiveness and compassion were not really so common. Even a saintly man could curse someone for a nothing (you can easily find examples in the Mahabharata).
Now things are changed, because we have arrived to a stage where forgiveness is recognized as a quality of an evolved human being at cosmic level, and for this reason the quality of compassion is included in our current Dharma.
A next level will come, when human being is a completely spiritual being and his Dharma will change again in accord to this new level.

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