The Face of God

I wonder:

«If I ever meet God, I say flesh and blood, dressed like an ordinary person with an ordinary face, with any work, I’d never be able to recognize who is?
Because if a person begins to perform miracles, to gather people around him promising Heaven and teaching how to get it, then one might think that this is a holy person … until proven otherwise. But to say that it’s God is a whole other thing!
God, the Almighty, the Perfect, the Creator, One who wakes up and the world appears, falls asleep and the world disappears. And maybe you see Him before your eyes and you do not know.
And then you wonder, since God is omnipotent and knows everything, “Of course he also knows what I’m thinking, I wonder if it’s ME to acknowledge God, or if it’s God who allows me to recognize Him?” And I wonder along a Logically that is flawless: at the time of Jesus, for example, many have encountered Him and heard Him and saw Him work miracles, but very few have been able to recognize Him.
But now, back to my alleged meeting with this person, how could I do understand behind those remains God is hidden? What parameters used for this identification? What would it would have more or less? Of course, if I start there, thinking about it, it’s really hard to get an idea. The mind says yes one moment, the moment after says no, how could I trust it?
But perhaps there is an alternative to this mind dubious and misleading. My Heart.
If it is true that in the Heart resides the Spirit – the Spirit or Self or as you wish to call it – and if it is true that it is the divine spark in me, then (at least in theory) it would be able to “enlighten” me, to guide me in understanding what is divine from what is not.
But how do you know what my heart “thinks” ?
Perhaps, the first thing I would do is to look at that person, maybe just in the eye. If a person is pure, her eyes should be clear … if it is true saying that “the eyes are the mirror of the soul.” And then I would stay silent, silent inside and outside, even the thoughts quiet, and let the heart talk – or maybe the heart is always talking and I do not listen; then we say that in this silence I could be able to feel my heart. If so, in this state of silence and observation, my heart would remained calm and its grace as a wave would propagate, to fill up with its sweet nectar every part of my being; and would spread even further, until ‘infinite here. Then perhaps in that state of silence and grace, I would be able to hear the soft voice of my Heart and I could find the answer. »

A Mother

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