Happiness of Ego vs Joy of Spirit

Many of us have experience moments of happiness that invariably have left space to moments of unhappiness.
Our satisfaction is usually bound to our success in life, when we do or have what we like, and in those cases we feel happy. But happiness is dual, and is bound to be succeeded by its opposite: unhappiness.

How can we do to maintain a state of permanent, unconditioned joy?

happiness faces

An important thing to know is that the sense of happiness is given by our Ego, that means our mind and it is bound to the object of pleasure/success that we obtain. So, as every earthly thing is due to change, whatever is bound to it will follow the same destine.
This kind of happiness is usually a selfish joy and it is not usually an inspiration for our improvement or for making other people happy. We can even feel happy, some times, in teasing other people, in seeing other people failing or suffering.

A glad day (William Blake)The Joy of Spirit is a very different thing. First of all it is unconditioned, it exists independently on our success or failure. It is everlasting, it is deep and overwhelming: it has not beginning, no end. As you feel your Spirit pervading all your being and beyond, it is really a feeling of bliss, of grace, so light and delicate like a flower petal.
Well, you might think that as you become the Spirit, you will feel very strong, but it is not. The sense of strength comes actually from our Ego, in opposition of the sense of weakness coming from our sub-conscious. But the Spirit does not need to feel strong, because it is never weak: it is permanently connect to the source and the source takes care of it, of whoever is completely identified with his own Spirit.

So, what we really need to aspire is to reach this state of complete Self Realization, or complete identification with our own Spirit!

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