Autonomic Nervous System: the way to know yourself

Inside our body, there is a complex system we are not directly aware of. All our vital functions are performed independently on our control and we can operate on them only in indirect way to correct eventual problems. As we have seen, this happens because we ignore the existence of an energetic system  that is capable to interface between our awareness and our physical and emotional body. So, once we become aware of this system, we become capable to feel the state of our being and we can also intervene to improve it. And this thing happens in a simple, natural way. We only need to activate the machine.

First of all we have seen that along our spine and in our head there are 7 energetic centers, chakras. They are connected through 3 energetic channels that start from the base of the spine up to the head. We have also seen the correspondence of the chakras with some nervous plexus. The three channels, instead, will correspond to the autonomic  nervous system.

The autonomic nervous system acts independently from our will and from our awareness. For example, when we run or we are scared, spontaneously our heart beat increases and later, as we stop, automatically our heart beat will return to normality. Everything happens without any control from our will: indeed it is the autonomous nervous system to operate in background.
The autonomic nervous system is divided in parasympathetic system and sympathetic system, which operate independently in some functions and interact co-operatively in others. In many cases, the two have “opposite” actions.

What is the role of the autonomic nervous system in yoga?

Autonomic Nervous System and ChakrasThat is the way through which we can feel our Kundalini and viceversa is the way through which the Kundalini can operate on us at physical level. Actually the physical correspondence of the energetic channels is just the autonomic nervous system. In particular, the sympathetic is divided in right and left sympathetic, just like left channel (Ida Nadi or Yin) and right channel (Pingala Nadi or Yang); while the parasympathetic is the central channel  (Sushumna Nadi or Shen).
An important thing to notice is that parasympathetic system presents a discontinuity at abdominal level. The yoga experience teaches us that in the abdomen there is an area called Void or, in Sanskrit, Bhavasagara (Ocean of Illusions) that correspond to a discontinuity in the central channel before Kundalini awakening; it is just this Void to prevent our Kundalini from rising by herself: we need to overcome the delusion of matter to access a higher level.

So our autonomic nervous system is the key for an ancient knowledge of which we are ourselves the custodians; to access a deeper and subtler knowledge of ourselves, we will only need to “read our hands”.
Actually the autonomic nervous system is spread in all our body and reaches the periphery like our hands and feet. It is already known the plantar reflexology: it is based just on this same principle.

The nerves in correspondence with every finger or part of the hand have a direct connection with specific chakras, this is how we can feel chakras state on our hands in an objective way.

So, you can realize for yourself that the Spiritual experience is no more a transcendental thing you need to believe without any evidence, just for faith, but it is an actualization of our being. Our Spiritual Being does not belong to an unknown dimension, but it is absolutely an integral part of our life. We can ignore it, but it is always there, waiting for our awakening.

This is a great breakthrough! Why?

Because you will truly become your own masters, in the true sense.

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