Your hands will speak

Have you ever thought, at least once in your life, why we can perceive everything about outside the world, but we cannot know anything of what is happening inside us?
We have ears to hear sounds, we have eyes to see shapes, etc. we have been endowed by these suitable five senses that allow us to know the outside world; but why don’t we have a six sense that allow us to know about our inner being?
We usually come to know that inside us something is going astray only when we are affected by some illness, just at the last phase of a malfunctioning of our bodies (physical and subtle bodies). It should be nice to have a simple and straightforward way of knowing what is happening inside in every moment.

The answer to this question has been already suggested hundreds years ago in the Quran, we can read the verse 65 of the Surah Ya-Sin:

This Day (the Day of Resurrection), We shall seal up their mouths, and their hands will speak to Us, and their legs will bear witness to what they used to earn.

This verse gives us a clear indication: there will be one day, the Day of Resurrection, when our hands will speak (it reads their hands, but it means that there will be people whose hands will speak, that finally will be all of us).
Well, I am very happy to announce you that this Day has arrived and that this prophecy has been realized.

How can our hands tell us about us?

Chakra ChartSo, it is our hands that give, let’s see how. You have probably already heard of reflexology: it is the same principle. In our body, there is an energetic subtle system and energetic centers (the main centers are 7). Now these centers can be felt on our hands (not only on our hands, but for the time being let’s just restrict ourselves to that), in the moment our Kundalini energy is awakened. We have already seen how to awaken our Kundalini and we have seen how easy it is.

1. Self Realization. So now we are going a step forward and see all the advantages of this awakening. First of all, we have said, we get our Self Realization, that means the Realization of our inner Self, that usually we cannot feel.

2. Feeling of your inner centers. The second important thing is that you will be able to feel you inner centers, that in Sanskrit are called chakras. And this is what we are referring to in this article. Every part of your hands is connected to a specific chakra and after Kundalini’s awakening, you can feel there what is the state of those chakras. You will have different perceptions, depending on their state.

For example, if you feel your index finger tickling, this is a signal that your fifth chakra has a block and needs help. If it is cool, or light then the chakra is alright. Of course, later on, we will see how to treat our chakras, that is the third great gift after our Kundalini’s awakening.


Now, if you still have some time, you can make an experiment and try for yourself how this wonderful system works. If you first try the experience of Self Realization, it will be easier for you.
Very simply, Stretch your hands towards this picture, keep your mind silent. You can close your eyes, or keep them open towards the pictures itself. These hands belong to Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, who is the founder of Sahaja Yoga; Her chakras are intact, completely pure, and this help to have a clearer feeling of this Kundalini energy.
After staying 2-3 minutes in this state of silence, put your attention on your hands and witness what you feel. You can already try to see the correspondences between chakra and fingers  in the picture of the chakra map. In future lessons, we will see how to take care of your chakras.

Stretch your hands towards this picture

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