Footsoak: how to deliver yourself from daily tension

Foot-soak at a riverOne of the most important technique is foot-soak. It is so simple but also very effective in removing our daily tension. If you have doubt about it, remind the days you have spent at a river or at the sea and how you felt more relaxed after a swimming or a walk in it. The same principle is acting in a foot-soak, but – said in modern terms – it is more portable.
The elements that are acting are water and earth (salt). As you soak your foot in the salted water, the salt (just as Mother Earth does), will attract and retain the tensions coming from your body.
It is very important doing it every day, possibly in the evening before meditation; actually it is part of your meditation, because during the foot-soak, you need to maintain a meditative mood.
Obviously, if you are so lucky to live close to a river or close to the sea, you can do a foot-soak in there rather than in a bowl, that would be much better.


This is all what you need:

  1. a bowl (even a plastic bowl will do) enough big so that your feet are comfortable and the water will reach the ankles;
  2. water;
  3. a handful of salt;
  4. a jug with clear water;
  5. a towel.

When you have finished your foot soak, throw the salted water in the WATER CLOSET.

How warm should the water be?

The temperature of the water should fit your needs.
If you feel sad, lazy, half-hearted, past-thinking, then you’d better use warmer water; we use to say that in that case you are more left-sided. If you feel more excited, stressed, future-thinking, then you’d better use colder water; in this case we use to say you are more right-sided.
Generally, we use to feel vibrations on our hands and if the right hand is warmer or heavier then you need to treat right side; if it is left hand to be warmer or heavier then you need to treat left side. In any other case, use lukewarm water.
To summarize:

  • left side heavy: warmer water;
  • right side heavy: colder water;
  • any other case: lukewarm water.


Foot-soak techniqueAfter you have prepared all the elements you need, find a quiet place in your house where to do foot-soaking, even the same place where you practice your meditation.
Sit on a chair and raise your Kundalini (click here to see how to raise you Kundalini). Put the salt in the water contained in the bowl and then soak your feet there. Keep your hands on your lap or you can let them hang loose along your sides.
Remain in silence, trying to be thoughtless. You can keep your eyes close, if it helps to be thoughtless. Keep the position for about 10 minutes; then rinse your feet with the clear water, dry then with the towel and throw the water in the water closet. After this clearing, you can sit again and continue your meditation as long you want.

One important thing to keep in mind is that by the moment you are using these elements (water and earth) to clear your subtle system, they assume a subtle value. So, before starting, you can even thank them for helping you in this treatment. Probably, it would come more natural if you are at the sea or in any natural environment, where the sacredness of the natural elements is more felt; in reality when you are connected with the All, you can feel the subtle of everything.



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