How to start meditation

In a previous lesson we have seen how to awake our Inner Energy, called as Kundalini and residing in our sacred bone. We have followed a few step by putting our right hand on some right hand side points and uttering some affirmations. Now, we do not need to follow this procedure every time we want to rise our Kundalini, there is a quicker way we are going to show you now.

This exercise is the first thing we do to start our meditation, because it is our Inner Energy Kundalini to lead us into meditation, as she clear our energetic centers (chakras) and our mind from thoughts.
Actually meditation is a state of thoughtless awareness (Nirvichara Samadhi), in which we are aware but without any thought. This state is called turiya, the fourth state; the other three are: waking consciousness, dreaming and dreamless sleep.
After we rise our Kundalini, we put our hands on our lap and remain (or try to remain) in silence and let our Inner Energy making her work of nourishing our chakras. Of course, in the beginning keeping your mind silent will be difficult, but we will teach you some exercises and techniques that will help you.

How to rise your Kundalini

Bring your hands at the level of your sacred bone. Then, while rising your left hand, rotate the right one around the left hand in a way that it is rising when it is close to the body and going down when it is further. This movement you do until your hands reach the top of your head (as you can see in the images just below), at that point you make an knot with your hands.
Put your hands down and then repeat the same rising movement and then 2 knots over your head. The third time make 3 knots. While rising your hands look at the palm of the left hand rising; your head should go slightly back when the hands are over the head (it is not showed in the image).
The three rising are meant for the three energetic channels; the knots mean that our attention must be fixed high, in our Sahastrara chakra. These movements are not imaginary things to do, but with our hands we are really moving our energy. In the beginning you might not feel it, but you will be able to feel it when your sensitivity will improve. As we said, this energy, called as vibrations, is felt as a cool breeze.

come alzare la Kundalini come alzare la Kundalini come alzare la Kundalini

How to give a protection

Now that your Kundalini has been raised, you need to give a protection to your chakras.
We say that we give a  bandhan, an arc of protection. Actually it is seven arcs, one for every chakra.
You start with your hands lying on your lap, then put the right hand on the left hand side and raise it, reach the top of the head and then go down along the right hand side. This is one arc. Return back with an ascending-descending movement until you reach the initial position. This is the second arc. Repeat the movement until you make 7 arcs.
With this movement you take your Inner Energy that has been raised previously and you spread it over your subtle body.

come darsi un Bandhan come darsi un Bandhan come darsi un Bandhan

You can also follow the video where Shri Mataji Herself clearly shows you the exercise.

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