Mantras for the energy channels

The Universal Mother

In a previous lesson we have started introducing mantras by practicing the OM (OM: the origin of all mantras). We have also seen that, in general, a mantra is an affirmation that could be a word or a sentence.
The objective of uttering mantras is to awaken the principles residing in our chakras. Now, Sanskrit is a language that is sacred in the sense that the sounds used to form its syllables have been perceived their chakras by ancient yogis in deep meditation (we will see it in details when we deal with Bija Mantras). Actually they are the sounds produced by our chakras, that I remember they are rotating wheels of energy.
We can easily deduct from that why uttering mantras in Sanskrit can be more effective in balancing them.
Nevertheless, if you do not feel comfortable in saying Sanskrit Mantras, you can still use simple affirmations. Nobody is going to check what you do, everything is about you and yourself.

Talking about the archetypes of our channels, we have seen that:

  1. the left channel is the channel of “pure desire” and its subtle principles are Shri Mahakali and Shri Bhairava;
  2. the right channel is the channel of “pure action” and its subtle principles are Shri Mahasaraswati and Shri Hanuman;
  3. the central channels is the channel of “evolution” and is subtle principle is Shri Mahalakshmi.

As we have already said in a previous lesson, we do not need to repeat a mantra 1000 times. We can say it one or few times, the important thing is saying them by heart and with full attention.
The basic form of the Sanskrit mantra we are using for every chakra and for the energy channels is the following:

Om Shri … Namo Namaha

That means “Homage to Shri … “, where OM is the OMKARA. In uttering Namaha, the final “a” is not lengthened, but it is short (listen to the recording); while the “h” is pronounced.

Affirmations in English

Ida Nadi

  • Mother Kundalini, please, purify all my emotions and give me the pure joy of life.
  • Mother Kundalini, please, awaken in my the pure desire.
  • Mother Kundalini, please deliver me from all my emotional attachments.
  • In truth, I am the pure desire and the pure love.

Pingala Nadi

  • Mother Kundalini, please, make me completely detached from my actions.
  • Mother Kundalini, please, help me to feel my actions as a completing part  of universal harmony.
  • Mother Kundalini, please, deliver me from my ambitions and expectations.
  • In truth, I am pure action.

Sushumna Nadi

  • Shri Kundalini (or Mother Kundalini), please, integrate my channels.
  • I desire my spiritual ascent.

Mantra in Sanskrit

Ida Nadi (left channel)

Om Shri Mahakali Bhairav. Namo Namaha

Pingala Nadi (right channel)

Om Shri Mahasaraswati Hanuman Namo Namaha

Sushumna Nadi (central channel)

Om Shri Mahalakshmi Namo Namaha


Video example of the Sanskrit mantras:

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