Meditation is being thoughtlessly aware

Meditation is a state when we are in complete balance, complete integration, when there is absence of thoughts. This state of thoughtless awaress is called as “Nirvichara Samadhi”.

Thoughts come out of reaction, reaction to the past or projection to the future and never keep us in the present. When we need to do something, we just do it, we do not need to lose ourselves in a process of thinking and re-thinking: we lose so much energy in that process of thinking.
When you reach that state of thoughtless awareness and this state will establish in your life, you will amaze how easy it is doing things, how many intuitions you will have and how much energy you will save.
In the beginning, it will not be easy, because you are so used to think very much; your chakras may be heavy and need a clearance. So, be patient and you will succeed before you imagine.

I will leave you to the word of Shri Mataji, who is the founder of Sahaja Yoga, and that will explain you this aspect of being thoughtlessly aware.
Before you start watching the video, just like in any meditation or in any moment you want to reach the inner and sacred side of yourself, please raise your Kundalini and give yourself a bandhan of protection. Keep your hands open over your lap. Keep your eyes open or close, as you prefer.

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