The 3 energy channels

Energetic channelsWe have seen that an energetic system exists inside ourselves. In the same way we cannot see electricity or microwaves, we cannot see our energetic system; also we cannot have a perception of it, until some process is triggered inside us: the awakening of our Inner Energy called as Kundalini.
As our Kundalini is awakened, we become able to perceive our energetic centers through our Autonomic Nervous System (read Autonomic Nervous System: the way to know yourself). It is a spontaneous process that cannot be forced. Now, the Autonomic Nervous System is the physical aspect of our energetic channels.

We have 3 main channels:

Left channel or Lunar channel

The left channel is the one that gives us energy for our emotions. It is our lunar channel. It gives us the Pure Desire of Evolution and manifests in us the pure joy of living. When this channel is blocked, our attention is directed towards the past and we tend to be gloomy or at the extreme even depressed.
Physically it corresponds to the Right Sympathetic Nervous System.

Right channel or Solar channel

The right channel is a solar channel that gives us energy for our activity and creativity. When it is balanced, our creativity and action flows without giving us stress; we are dynamic and energetic. When it is blocked we tend to be over-active, continuously future-thinking, never-stopping: at the extreme a person can become dry, devoid of feelings and tyrannic.
Physically it corresponds to the Left Sympathetic Nervous System.

Central channel or Evolutionary channel

The Central channel is the Evolutionary channel and physically it corresponds to the Parasympathetic Nervous System. It is the one that lead us towards Integration.
Actually the central channel is the integration of the left channel and the right channel. In fact, our channels are not placed in parallel as shown in the picture above, but they are composed by many threads of energy twisted in a way like forming a rope. When they try to go through the centers, only some of those threads can actually pass, depending on the state of the chakras.
Let’s see the thing in another perspective. At perfect balance, our left and right channels are perfectly aligned and concentric (if we see them in a horizontal section, like in the below image). As one of them, or both, tends to move away from the center (because of our wrong behavior and things that will see), as they tend to distance one from the other the central channel is reduced.

energetic channels cross section

So, the main task of our Kundalini is to bring them back to balance, in the center. This is why we will often use this expression, “being in the center”, this is actually the state in which we are in perfect balance and our system is perfectly working.
In the next lessons, we will see the channels in details.

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