Left channel or Ida Nadi

Energetic channelsThe left energetic channel or left side corresponds at physical level to the left Sympathetic Nervous System. In Sanskrit it is called as Ida Nadi or Tamo Guna; in Chinese tradition it is know as Yin. It is the “feminine” side of our personality and it is also defined as the moon side and, as such, it is the cold side. The qualities of this channel can manifest in both women and men, but obviously with different characteristics.

The Ida Nadi starts from the Mooladhara chakra and ends up in the right hand side and the back side of the Agnya chakra. In particular, the back Agnya (where little brain is) is the reflection of left Mooladhara chakra in the Sahasrara chakra (the seventh chakra) and it is the depository of our memory and of our conditionings.
One important thing to note is that chakras manifest different aspects according to the side; so, for example, we have left Mooladhara, right Mooladhara and center Mooladhara. Instead the Sahasrara chakra is the integration of all chakras.

An unbalanced left side will lead us to live our emotions very intensely, till we reach a point that our emotions become the dominant part of our being and make us slave of them. Our emotional attachments become the most important thing at the point that we only see them and nothing else. Our emotional side become so dominant to bring us to frustration if we feel not understood or not approved by other people.
At the extreme, a person who is gone too down in the left side can become depressed, he can have many complexes and be very pessimistic and gloomy. He cannot enjoy the present, because he nostalgically lives in the past, in his memories. This kind of person has lost the joy of life, because actually his left side has become so heavy that he does not really know what to do to recover from that situation.
People who are too much left sided (we use the expression “left sided” to denote a person whose left side is unbalanced) can develop diseases like cancer. We will see this aspect later in other lessons.

A left side that is balanced bestows us a state of Pure and Unconditional Joy. We enjoy the joy of our existence in itself, without any external support, we do not need anything to be in that state. That state exists within us just because of the harmony is realized inside us. We do not feel any more the need to be loved or to love anybody in particular, because we always feel love pervading our Heart, our being.
As we reach this state, it is impossible feeling sadness, being attached to people or having ideas like “I cannot live without you” or “they are all against me” or “nobody loves me, nobody understand me”, etc. On the contrary, we feel peace and love towards ourselves and the whole world – independently by outside conditions.
This state can be achieved by everyone.
Even if now you could feel down, repressed or hopeless, know that you can change your situation; as your left side will return to balance, spontaneously all this bad mood will disappear. No doubts.

The main quality of Ida Nadi is Pure Desire.
The Pure Desire of what? Of your Spiritual Realization.
All the other desires – let’s say the material ones (included the emotional ones) – will inevitably lead your attention out of yourself in a way that your attention will be bound to sense-objects (people, work, money, etc.) and will continuously be conditioned by them. When you have success you rejoice, if you lose you feel down. You get something and immediately after you are again struggling to get something else; impure desires cannot give complete satisfaction and so you will always feel the pulse to look for something else.
But when your desire is purified and directed towards your Spiritual Realization, then you reach a state of complete satisfaction and bliss. You live in the same world, with the same people, the same job, the same things that before were provoking you ups and downs, and now you feel so well all the time.

How to have a Pure Desire?
First of all, as you meditate regularly, your Kundalini will work on your left side to bring it into balance and this is a big help. But in the beginning, you should make little daily choices and see for yourself if what you are doing is really for your goodness. I am not saying for your wealth, but your real inner goodness.

It is always a question of choice. For example, if you are a believer in some creed, you go to your temple/church and what do you ask to your God? Do you ask for personal improvement, for becoming a better person, for your spiritual realization? Or do you ask for more money, for a car or for any little thing of the kind?
Or even if you are not a believer, where is your attention continuously going?
So, this is an important first step: focus your attention on what is really important for your improvement, for your ascent. But remember: never be fanatical about that. For example, you need to do daily meditation and we suggest in the morning and in the evening; you do not need to sit all the day in meditation. Maybe, if necessary, for a short period you can  dedicate completely to your subtle growth, go to pilgrimage or retire somewhere; but you should not completely neglect your life (work, family, etc.), because this is not necessary. You should work, dedicate to your family, be part of the world and enjoy it – not running away.
We should make this world a Paradise.

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