Talk about Subtle System

The following quotes are excerpts of the only book written by the founder of Sahaja Yoga, “Meta Modern Era” chapter 11.

In the triangular bone, called “Sacrum”, there is a residual power of pure desire.  This bone was called the “sacrum”, by the Greeks, which means that they also knew that it was a sacred bone.  This power is termed as Kundalini in the Sanskrit language.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (Founder of Sahaja Yoga)At this time, I would like to say very humbly, that one should not discard this knowledge as useless because it is coming from a developing country like India.  The Western culture has now advanced greatly as far as outward scientific life is concerned.  Western civilization is like a very big tree which has outgrown its own size.  But one has to find the roots.  If the roots are in India, or any other country, why do we not accept that a tree cannot exist without roots and roots have no meaning unless they nourish the trees.

This power of pure desire which is coiled in three and a half coils. Coil, in Sanskrit, is called as “Kundal” and, because it is a female energy, and that is why it is called “Kundalini”. This Kundalini is the one which is like a primule sitting in this triangular bone which awakens and passes through six centres which are our energy centres in the spinal cord, and pierces through the fontanelle bone area. One has to accept the truth, which is absolute, which is that we are not this body, this mind, these emotions, this intelligence or ego and conditionings, but we are beyond all that, the Spirit.

There is another truth which has to be accepted, that there is a subtle power of Divine love which does all the living work. The living process can be explained after Self Realisation. The awakening of the Kundalini takes place spontaneously and pierces through the fontanelle bone area. The Spirit, which is reflected in our heart, gets enlightened and makes our attention enlightened and we see the light of the Spirit spreading in our attention. It happens simultaneously that a cool breeze is felt on the fingertips and the same cool breeze is felt out of the fontanelle bone area. This cool breeze is called various names. We need not argue about names.

In modern times, it is extremely difficult to convince people that there is a way by which one can achieve peace within themselves. The modern mind is so complicated and has reached a conclusion that only through rationality can it solve the problems of modern times. This complication in the brain and the conviction do not allow any idea of absolute truth to penetrate into the minds of the scholars, intellectuals or scientists of this era.
One may not believe, or may believe, but the fact is that, in human awareness, what we have reached is a stage where we do not know about the absolute truth. This is the reason why there are so many types of philosophies and ideologies and people want to have different types of religions which are exclusive and they fight with each other and finish the fundamentals of religion.

Now, whatever I have to say need not at all be accepted blindfolded. We have had enough troubles with blind faiths. But if one has an open mind like a scientist, one should look at it like a hypothesis, but once it is proved, one has to accept that there is a subtle system in our body for our last breakthrough in our evolution. Firstly, one has to know that our creator is the greatest organiser.

Human chakra chartIn the human body, there are three types of nervous systems. The first one is the central nervous system, the second one is the sympathetic nervous system which has a left and a right side, and the third one is the parasympathetic nervous system.
The sympathetic nervous system is for emergencies. For example, if one sees a tiger in the forest, one starts running fast. At this emergency, the heart beat increases tremendously. This is done by the sympathetic nervous system. But it goes back to normal by the working of the parasympathetic nervous system, which is in the middle of these two left and right sides. In medical science, I don’t know if they have reached the conclusion or not, that the left and right sympathetic nervous system act in opposite directions, as they are complimentary.

For example, the left sympathetic nervous system is nourished by a subtle channel, called as Ida Nadi (Moon channel), and the right side, by a channel which is called Pingala Nadi (Sun Channel).  This Ida Nadi gives the human being his emotional side.  In one’s subconscious, the past is recorded beyond this Ida Channel.  The Subconscious is the past, today’s past, then is the past of yesterday, the past of this life, past of the last lives and ultimately the past which was the one which came from all that was created since Creation took place, the collective subconscious.  All these areas are placed vertically one after another and not horizontally.  For our ascent one does not have to pass all these subconscious areas as said by many psychologists.

The other one, which is the Pingala Nadi, works for the physical and the mental, meaning intellectual, work of human beings. In the centre is the parasympathetic, which is formed by the loops from both left and right sympathetic nervous system. So whenever the sympathetic nervous system is exhausted because of emergencies, the parasympathetic relaxes and nourishes these two channels and ultimately helps these, the sympathetic systems.
Wherever these loops meet, the energy centres thus formed are known as Chakras. These loops correspond to genes which are affected also by our day-to-day activity of left and right sympathetic nervous system.

The central one, which is the parasympathetic, is nourished by another channel, called the Sushumna Nadi (Channel of Ascent). Whatever we have achieved in our evolution is recorded and is established in this central nervous system. For example, human beings are higher and have more sensitivities than animals have in certain areas. If you want a dog or a horse to go through a dirty channel, it won’t object, but a human being cannot go through that. So human beings have developed a sensitivity to dirt, filth and bad smell, while the animals don’t have that. There are so many things one can show where human beings are much more sensitive to which animals are not. All this sensitivity is expressed through the central nervous system. So all that we have achieved in our evolutionary process is being expressed in our being through the central nervous system.

There is one more residual energy which is coiled up and remains potential in the triangular bone’ called the sacrum. Residual energy means that it is the basic original energy which has not gone into division.  When the Divine Energy fails on the brain of the fully developed foetus, then in the prism-like brain it fails into three categories.  It happens due to refraction.  The energy that fails on the sides of the brain cross over to form the sympathetic nervous system.  But when the Divine energy fails on the summit of the brain which is like a prism, the original energy, without any refraction, passes through and coils down in the Sacrum bone as Kundalini.  Perhaps the Greeks knew that it was a sacred bone, so they called it the ‘sacrum”.  This original, complete energy is coiled into three and a half coils which is in a resting potential state.  The subtle system we have within ourselves is built in.

In the process of our evolution we have seven main energy centres on the spinal cord, and also in the brain. When this fourth energy channel (which is called the ‘Kundalini’ in the Sanskrit language) is awakened like a primule in a seed, it passes through six centres and ultimately pierces the sixth centre fontanelle bone area (which is called “Bramharandra’) and connects human awareness to the all pervading power of Divine Love. Thus one develops the fourth dimensional awareness. This is how the Kundalini achieves this Yoga. When this Kundalini rises, She changes the database of the genes and a transformation in the personality takes place. The six centres (Chakras) are cleansed, nourished and enlightened which is reflected in the genes which are three each on the two sides of the loop.

One has to know what is the ultimate goal of our life: the ultimate goal of our evolution is to become the Spirit, which is the reflection of God Almighty in our heart. That is self identity and also self knowledge. Also, one becomes one with the all pervading Divine power of love. Our awareness is enlightened by the Spirit and Divine vibrations start flowing through our central nervous system enlightening our being. We also feel the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost, which is the all pervading power of Divine love, coming out of our fontanelle bone area as well as flowing through our finger tips and our hands.

The seeker becomes thoughtless and thus calm and peaceful. Automatically the seeker starts behaving in a very holy and righteous manner. All bad habits which are destructive drop out. The innocence and compassion overwhelms the nature of the seeker. All perverted sex styles normalise and even the eyes and attention become devoid of lust and greed.
The seeker now knows the absolute truth on his finger tips. The eyes shine as a glint of flames brightens them. Time loses its grip over the personality and ageing stops. Action becomes inaction, so that even when the realised soul acts, the action through the ego disappears. The conditioning of the past due to the birth surroundings which were binding completely drop out and a new holy culture is expressed in the individual. The collective life of Sahaja Yogis becomes the theme of very beautiful enjoyment.
The Sahaja Yogis get powers of giving realisation to many. That is how Sahaja Yoga has spread to 65 countries. This is the proof that something has happened to the people who have got this awakening within them. This awakening is long awaited by the seekers of truth as the last breakthrough of our evolution. For this, you cannot command, you cannot pay, you cannot disrespect.

For this you don’t have to stand on your head, you don’t have to starve, you don’t have to fast, you don’t have to chant, nothing is needed, but a humble heart which is surrendered.  To achieve this happening is the blessing of the Divine.

You are cut off from the idea of Divinity thanks to great intellectual work put in by many stalwarts of literature, philosophy, politics and economics. Despite all these efforts, there are people who have realised that it has not brought peace, harmony or benevolence to them. Also on a human level, it is impossible to think that there could be peace in this world because of aggressive or oppressed people. To many, there is no hope in the future. The only way is to take to Sahaja Yoga if one really wants to save the world.

The Spirit, which is the reflection of God Almighty, is the source of absolute truth and joy. But this spirit does not shine in our awareness when it is in the human state. Only after Self-Realisation, does our awareness get enlightened by the Spirit. Thus, to find pure love, peace and joy of absolute truth, one has to become the Spirit. This is the first thing we have to understand and accept because we are not this body, this mind, this intellect, these emotions, these conditionings or this ego. We say: “My, body, my mind’ etc., but is this “me’ which we refer to as “my”.

We see all these beautiful flowers and trees and fruits and all kinds of living work happening, all kinds of seasons changing, and we do not even think: ‘Who does all these things?” There is the all pervading Divine power of love, also called Ritambhara, which does all these miraculous things, which we take for granted and never even think about it. If you ask the Doctor, “Who runs our heart?”, he would say ‘It is the autonomous nervous system”, but this autonomous nervous system has got the auto behind it. And who is this auto which runs it? They will not be able to answer. They are honest not to answer but there is an answer to it. it is the soul which controls all such vital things in our being.

There are seven centres which are the subtle energy centres on the central path of our ascent, (Sushumna), as shown in the image. But there are subsidiary centres also. These subtle centres were created within us through our evolutionary process. These centres give, on the left hand side, our emotional nourishment, and on the right hand side, our physical and mental nourishment.

When this power, known as Kundalini, rises and passes through six centres, it nourishes these centres which are meant for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual requirements. The centres reflect their new state on the genes. These centres are enlightened, thus, we get our physical side corrected, mental side corrected, emotional side corrected and also our spiritual side corrected. Once it pierces through the last centre, which is the fontanelle bone area, which was a soft bone in our childhood, it becomes one with the all-pervading power of Divine love. A cool breeze of the Holy Ghost, like very beautiful vibrations, starts flowing through your fingertips. You can also feel the cool breeze coming out of your fontanelle bone area. This is the first experience of Self-Realisation.

The second experience is that, when this Kundalini rises, she creates a state of thoughtless awareness (Nirvichar Samadhi). Human beings are always thinking about the future or about the past. If one tells them that you have to be live in the present, it is not possible. One thought rises like a wave and then another thought rises. These thoughts rise and fall, but they have only come from the past and the future.

When the Kundalini rises, these thoughts elongate. There is a space, very small, between the thoughts (Vilamba) which spreads out and a state of complete silence is created. Then, we are in the present, but without thoughts, without any worry, without any anger and we stand in the present, which is the reality. Actually, the reality is in the present because the past is no more and future does not exist. When we are in this state of the present we become absolutely calm and peaceful. That is how we achieve inner peace. This peace can be achieved collectively when thousands of people get the awakening of their Kundalini.

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