Innocence and chastity

Innocence and chastity are often mentioned in the lessons of this Yoga course and so it could be useful, for a better comprehension, to know the sense that we attribute to them in Sahaja Yoga, that acquires different nuances from what is commonly thought.

What usually happens is that innocence is confused with ingenuousness, while with chastity is meant a practice of sexual abstinence.

Now, here, with innocence we mean a quality of the matter, of the whole creation and so also of the human beings, a power that we have inside us and that resides in the Mooladhara chakra (the first energy center); while chastity is innocence in action.
For example, innocence can be compared to electricity, it exists independently by the fact that we use it or not; in the moment we use the electricity to switch the light on, it acts. So, while innocence is like electricity, chastity is like the use we do of it. Therefore, if we say that “I have done this thing innocently” is not correct, because in the moment we do something, it is our chastity to be involved.

Now a very important point is that innocence cannot be destroyed, is a peculiar quality of the creation. What can happen though is that, while animals are always innocent whatever they do (as they follow the Laws of Nature instinctively), human beings can choose if doing good or bad and so they can darken their innocence. So innocence of human being can be darkened, but can also be recovered.

As we said, chastity is like we manifest our innocence and it concerns different aspects of our personality. If a person tends to be cunning and always try to cheat other people or to take advantage from the, certainly is not behaving chastely. All the attitudes that distance ourselves from our condition of innocence show a lack of chastity. It is difficult to keep ourselves in the maryadas (righteousness) if we are not chaste.

The commonplace that see chastity as abstinence is misleading, because a person can also refrain from sex, but it is not said that his attention does not go on it; furthermore, forced abstinence can cause a block in right Mooladhara, and people like that tend to become austere and very strict with themselves and with other people.

A person who lives a sane and balanced family life can maintain oneself chaste in this way.
Marrying and having a family is a natural thing and a sane and harmonious family (is known) is the base for a sane and happy society. Furthermore, an important thing to note is that if, for absurd, all those who would want to ascend spiritually would  renounce world and family life, we would not have children any more  and this would take to the end of human race.

It is very difficult to believe that God would prevent married people from getting their self realization, their yoga – the connection with God; especially if we consider that Love is at the base of the Creation.
Furthermore, there is nothing more sacred and holy than giving life to another human being and considering the procreation as a sin is definitively an offence to life and to the source of life.

Shri Mataji's family

Shri Mataji’s family

On the other hand, the continuous search of sex pleasure and perversion can cause big problems to the subtle system.
About this “pleasure”, we would like to spend two words that could clarify you how things work. In the moment of mating, the Mooladhara chakra release a thousandth of its energy just to support the conception; now, since the Mooladhara is directly connected with the Agnya chakra (that means our brain), then this energy is felt in the brain as pleasure.
BUT, as said, the energy used in the conception is a little part of the potential energy of the Mooladhara chakra; moreover, by abusing this process, our chakra tends to exhaust and to block; in this way, at a certain point, this chakra will not be able to deliver the needed energy. In other words, by abusing the practice of sex, this chakra will close and we will not be able to feel any more the unconditional and immense joy naturally coming from it. Some people can even become impotent or cannot have children or can even get some diseases.
As usual, everything need to be done in a balanced way.

At the top of her spiritual evolution, a person can be always chaste and pure in her body and her mind, because she is always in a state of bliss. A person like that does not indulge into sex, unless needed for conception.

Why taking care of our Mooladhara chakra is so important?

The Mooladhara chakra supports our spiritual ascent

Our Mooladhara chakra is important not only because it bestows us joy, but also because it supports the ascent of our Kundalini and so our inner growth: the more the Mooladhara is strong, the more our Kundalini is steady. Furthermore, the principle of innocence is present in every chakra.

It bestows us wisdom

If we watch the world around us (that is reflected in tales, movies, music, etc.), we can notice that it is always pure people who are destined to accomplish some great task (see, for example, Star Wars or Avatar), a task that brings a spiritually more evolved condition to humanity or to a community. It is only those people who can be closer to Nature and capable to reveal its mysteries.
So purity gives us also wisdom, a natural quality that manifests from a balanced Mooladhara chakra; wisdom is the capacity to know, in a spontaneous way, what is good and what is not good. It does not actually come from experience but from a natural perception of the world around us and its interaction with our subtle system. In Sahaja Yoga words, we spontaneously feel what has good vibrations and what has not good vibrations, and our reactions will be conditions by this perception.

It gives us protection

Another important thing is that if our Mooladhara is sane, we are protected, absolutely protected by all the negative forces we can meet and it will be easier to defeat those that are lingering inside us.
Many sahaja yogis have experienced that, in dangerous situations, they have been “miraculously” saved. In truth, it is not a miracle, it is the power that comes from our innocence that connect us with the innocence of the world that in turn will protect us. We are guided to avoid dangerous situations or in case of danger we will be protected. Protection is not only from accidents, but even from diseases.
Now, one important thins to say is that this thing does not happen because you certify yourself as a sahaja yogi and then you are automatically protected. It is not like that. Your principles MUST REALLY be manifested and established inside yourself to get all blessings. Nobody is going to guarantee you that: it is only you and your Self, and you won’t be able to afford cheating your self.

It gives peace to our senses

Even the strongest pulse to sex and all the bad habits and vices (drugs, alcoholism, gambling, etc), that one can have before Self Realization, will reduce with the time (or even stop soon), because thanks to meditation your senses will calm; this does not mean that your senses will fall asleep, but that one is fine with himself, every extreme and dissatisfaction will reduce until he reaches the complete balance.

It bestows us a steady mood and serenity

Another positive effect, bound to the previous ones, is that our mood becomes steady: it will always be serene.
There will never be mood swings: from sadness to rage, from excitement to anguish, etc. Whatever happens, we will be serene and calm. Truly, we will not know how to restrain our joy. These that were disturbing us in the past, afterwards we will watch them in full detachment and maybe we will laugh at our old worries.

Steady attention and efficiency in work/study

Another positive effect we will enjoy is to have a steady attention. This thing will allow us to be efficient and quick at work, but without feeling stress. This happens because our attention will not be disturbed any more by futile thoughts and so everything will flow naturally. Solutions to problems will spontaneously come to us and so we will not waste energy by thinking and thinking what to do. This will allow us to keep young.

Proceeding in this way, everything will give us joy, even things that before we did not like. Well, even this idea of liking-not liking will be a far memory of the past, because we will be capable to see the “beauty”, the spiritual essence of everything.




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