Physical exercises for Mooladhara chakra

Mooladhara chakra exercisesThe Mooladhara chakra is the first of our subtle system and is placed at the bottom of our spine, just below our sacred triangular bone.
By sitting on the ground, we can help it very much, as the ground can remove its tensions. So, sitting on the ground with crossed legs (position of lotus) would be the best position for meditation, but for many people it is a difficult position to maintain. In those cases, we suggest to seat on a chair to avoid the distraction of an uncomfortable position.
In this lesson, we are proposing you a few exercises that will help you to release the tensions of your muscles so that you can more easily sit on the ground.

First exercise

Sit on the ground without shoes and join your soles just like in the image, the best you can. Then, hold your feet with your hands, keeping them tight so that they would not slide forth. With your elbows push your kneels down towards the ground. Repeat this exercise few times slowly.

Exercise for Mooladhara chakra

Second exercise

Sit on the ground without shoes and join your soles, the best you can. Hold your feet with your hands to avoid that they would slide forth (see the above picture). Now, try to pull your feet towards yourselves; do it without struggling too much, but pull a little bit more every time.

Another difficulty we can meet is to keep a straight position without stiffening our back. This could happen if our back present tensions/stiffness in some points that cause an unnatural posture.
In reality, our back has an effortless and natural correct posture, that means our back can remain straight without any muscle effort: the effort comes when our posture is spoiled because of bad habits.
We can make a simple exercise that can help in this sense.

Third exercise

Sit on the ground or on a chair. Keep you back straight without being rigid.
Then, try to swing your back slightly towards the right and then towards the left for a few times. Then stop for a few seconds and start swinging back and forth.
While executing these movements, try to imagine that your back is  standing on your ischia (the bones of your bottom), that behave like a base for your back and as a fulcrum for your swinging.
Stop one moment. Then change the movement: now perform a circular movement, for 3 times in one direction and for 3 times in the opposite direction. Do it for some times.
Stop and observe your position.
Now repeat the suggested movements as you wish (right-left, or back-forth, or circular), trying to find the most steady position on your ischia, in a way that you do not feel any stress in any point of your back.
Once you have find your position, just keep it.
Of course, it is not said that you will find the best position immediately, but try again and again until you get an improvement.

In the following video, you will see some of the suggested exercises explained directly by Shri Mataji:

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