Talks about Mooladhara chakra

Innocence and Spirit

Shri Mataji Nirmala DeviI told you, innocence is the Spirit, and Spirit is the innocence, which cannot be destroyed by anything. The fact is that it cannot be destroyed by anything, and it can be re-established through Sahaja Yoga.
You might have been a very aggressive person, you might have been a very unhappy person, you might have been a person who is all the time disturbing others – maybe. But after Sahaja Yoga, you can make your personality so sweet and beautiful that, not only you can enjoy, but others can also enjoy.
This innocence is something which is absolute, honest intelligence. It is not that it works for some purpose. But it is purposeless. It is absolutely purposeless. And thus it achieves that height of joy because there is no purpose in anything. It sees the futility of all kinds of endeavours that we have, and it just enjoys.
Why people are running up and down, why are they fighting? It just stands up, sees that: “Why should they do it?” – like that.  Some may think they are all right, there is nothing wrong with them, but it is not so.
Maybe you say that innocent persons are attacked by the cunning, by the aggressive. But innocence is such a great thing that it cannot be destroyed. It is the quality of the Spirit. Innocence is the quality of the Spirit. And when this Spirit within you is awakened, you get the power of innocence, by which you overcome all that is negative, all that is wrong, all that is detrimental to your growth, spiritual understanding.

Innocence and Self-esteem

Innocence gives you a complete self-esteem. You don’t bow to anyone, nor you make anybody else to bow. This is the beauty of innocence, which works out so well within you.
I know of somebody who was very highly placed. And suddenly I was surprised how he was paralysed. What happened? He was a very good man, he should not have been paralysed. Then I found out that he had very bad intentions about women, and that’s how he got this problem.
So, desiring to develop your own innocence is very important. It  improves your sense of shame, improves your own dignity and self-esteem. You dress up in a way that shows that you respect your body. You talk in such a way that shows that you respect your tongue, your language. You cannot have a foul mouth if you are an innocent person. You cannot have a mind that can abuse or can say horrible words.

Innocence is wisdom

The power of innocence is immense. A person who is not innocent cannot be wise.
Wisdom you don’t get in colleges, schools, universities, nowhere. Where do you get it, the wisdom? You get it through your Spirit, which gives you a complete idea as to what is right and what is wrong. Whatever is wrong will be accepted by intellect, always. Intellect is not wisdom one must understand. They’re two things – wisdom and intellect. Intelligence is not wisdom. It can give you a very cunning, very aggressive, and sometimes very subtle person, who can go on deceiving people, telling lies, doing all kinds of things, and believing in themselves that they are very successful.

Many people confuse innocence with stupidity. They think, to be stupid is innocent. And a stupid man gets into an ego trip in no time. Innocence is the wisest thing. You cannot befool innocence, that’s the main thing.
Innocence is that which does not harm anyone, that does not think that it can solve the problems, but, it leaves everything for God to solve. To keep yourself in the present is your job and leave everything to God Because you don’t know that when you are in the present you are in contact with the Divine power, but when you get out of the present you are not there -you are under your ego or superego.

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