Balance your chakras with vibrations

In this lesson, we will see a practical application of the ether element: we will use our vibrations to balance our chakras.

But how do we know which chakras need to be helped?

Well, this is the magic of Sahaja Yoga. You do not need anyone telling you, as it will be your own Mother Energy Kundalini to tell you. Through the autonomic nervous system, she indicates us what is the state of our chakras. At a first stage, you will feel the state of your chakras on our hands, you will have specific signals you will learn to identify very easily. Lightness, cool breeze mean your chakras are fine. Heat, heaviness, tickling mean your chakra need help.
We have already shown you a first approach when we have seen the technique for balancing our channels. Here we will see how to treat  chakras only.
Another nice thing of Sahaja Yoga is that as you can treat your own chakras, you can do the same with other people… but this is a thing we will see later in this course. For the time being, you’d better learn how to master your own energy and perceptions.

Chakra chart complete

How to do

Now, if it is the first time you approach a Sahaja Yoga course, then first you need to start up your “engine” so that you can have perception of your chakras. To do that, go to see How to get your Self Realization. Otherwise, you carry one with this lesson.

Start by raising your Kundalini and giving yourself bandhans (see how in How to start your meditation).
Then, put your hands on your lap, palms upwards and keep silent for a while. Just watch yourself, what you feel on your hands. You can have different feelings on the same hand: one finger can be hot, another one cool and another one more could be tickling.
After this check up, you just see on the chakra map (in the picture above) the correspondence between fingers and chakras. A more detailed chakra map will show you the correspondence between chakras and parts of your body. That means that you can identify the state of your chakras from signals of your body: for example, your knee is painful, check on the chart and you will see that it is Nabhi chakra to be catching and requiring a treatment.

Technique 1: giving energy with our hand

Let’s suppose to feel heat in the middle finger of both your hands. Let’s look at the map and see that it is Nabhi chakra, that is placed at the level of our stomach. At this point, let’s keep our left hand open on our lap palm upwards (to receive the energy) and let’s put the palm of our right hand on our belly and let the vibrations flow through our hand to nourish our Nabhi chakra. It is as simple as that. We have the power to purify in our hands.

If instead we will the middle finger of our right hand cool and the middle finger of our left hand warm, or tickling, then we will place our right hand on the left side of our belly, at the level of our stomach. Similarly, if the tickling is on the middle finger of our right hand, we will place the left hand on the right part of our belly.

Catch in the center Catch on the left Catch on the right
Put the right hand on the Nabhi chakra Put the right hand on the Nabhi chakra on the left Put the left hand on the  Nabhi chakra on the right

Technique 2: giving bandhans

Another simple technique that makes use of vibration is giving bandhans. We have already experienced the use of bandhan for giving us protection (bandhan means ‘arc’) after raising our Kundalini.
In this case, we will do as follows. Let’s suppose the little fingers of our hands are warm, in the map we see it is Heart chakra. Let’s put our right hand at the level of our Heart chakra, at the middle of our breast (for this technique, we use only the right hand), at the distance of 1 or 2 inches. The left hand remains open on our lap, palm upwards.
Then, let’s rotate our right hand in clockwise sense, considering that the clock is placed on our chakra. After a few rotations, let’s open our right hand towards the ground, just like we want to release something to the earth. We are actually releasing the impurities we have taken from the chakra with the hand and offering them to Mother Earth.

Rotation of the right hand around the chakra Releasing of the impurity to the earth
Rotation of the right hand around the chakra Releasing of the impurity to the earth

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