Complete Chakra Map

Ancient chakra mapThe Chakra Map has been revealed from ancient times  thanks to yogis who have been capable of locating and describing them. We will see that knowing their position will be useful for treating them.
The seventh main chakras are located along the spine and in our head; they correspond to nervous plexuses of autonomic nervous system. Thanks to this nervous system, that extends in the whole body, the chakras are reflected in various part of our body.
For example, the third chakra (called as Nabhi) is placed in the solar plexus and is reflected in the middle finger of our hands, in  the big toes of our feet, and also in our knees and our elbows. So, whatever we feel in those parts of our body, will give us a signal of the state of our Nabhi chakra. It is as simple as that.

The first chakra (Mooladhara) is placed in the pelvic plexus, it is not reflected on a finger but at the base of our palm and in our heels. Also the Sahasrara chakra is not on a finger but in the center of our palms and of our soles. The green region called Void that is around the Nabhi chakra, is also present on our hands as a circular region of the palm around the Sahasrara.
Another important thing to notice is that our channels cross at the level of Agnya chakra (let’s remember what scientists say about our brain and its crossed effect, that it has clearly been discovered thousands of years ago in the Yoga science), so that the left Agnya chakra is actually placed in the right hemisphere of our bran, while the right Agnya chakra is placed in the left hemisphere of our brain.
When we meditate and our Kundalini (the Mother Energy placed in our sacred bone) rises passing through all chakras (except the first),  we can perceive the state of our chakra on our hands. This thing will allow us to correct them with specific techniques we will see in this course.

We ca see the complete maps of our chakras in the below images.
Note that the reflection of chakras on our legs is similar to the one of our arms.
These maps refer to the main seven chakras and three channels; there are other chakras and other nadis that will consider in future lessons.
The main nadis are: Ida Nadi (left chanel), Pingala Nadi (right channel) e Sushumna Nadi (central channel). The 7 chakra are: MooladharaSwadisthanNabhi o ManipurAnahat o CuoreVishuddhiAgnyaSahasrara.

Chakra Map Body

Chakra map of hands, legs, arms and feet

Chakra map head

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