Ether element

According to the ancient, Ether was the most high, pure and bright part of space.
The cosmic ether would be a hypothetical substance, extremely thin and imponderable, that would fill the whole Universe. The physicists themselves have introduced this fictitious entity that would fill the space, otherwise considered void, because they could not make ends meet in certain physical theories.


What is between nucleus and electrons?

To the concept of ether is generally associated the one of electromagnetic waves: it is proved that they are able to be transmitted in vacuum (indeed, the propagation in vacuum is better, because the presence of matter, although transparent, slows it down), but are still ongoing studies that explain how this is possible.
In the ’80s, some Russian scientists have suggested the existence of a curved field of electromagnetic type said Torsion Field. According to Anatoli Akimov, the Torsion Field would be characterized by subtle energy fields, whose emanation would be able to travel at the speed of at least 109 times that of light (that means it would have a frequency much greater); moreover, torsion fields associated with the common electric, magnetic and gravity fields would lead to a unified field theory as to extend the realm of science to include the effects of realm of consciousness (hot to say? they would switch from physics to metaphysics with a scientific theory).

Let’s go back a little bit and clarify the concept of waves and field for those who are unfamiliar.
A wave is defined as a disturbance that propagates in space transporting energy. A wave always originates in a source, which is what produces a perturbation of the space that surrounds it. We have different types of waves: sound, elastic, light, radio etc..
The wave concept is found in all fields of physics. In some cases (sound waves, elastic waves) the environment in which the wave propagates through is a material medium (air, land, water), light and all other electromagnetic radiation can propagate in either matter or instead in a vacuum. Just to be clear, electromagnetic waves are those on mobile phones, microwave ovens, and so on.

The field is the scope of these waves, as the word itself suggests. It extends from its source until, in theory, infinity; but in fact energy tends to disperse during the propagation of its waves and a field will have a limited radius of action in space and time (as described in Maxwell laws). Of course, the field strength will be greater the closer you are to the source.
If we take as an example a mobile phone, its field will be the area in which the device is able to connect via its electromagnetic waves to the nearest receiving station (cell). When we use the phone on the go, the communication is not interrupted, what happens is that every time we go out and we access from a cell to a new cell, automatically, without realizing it, the phone connects to the new antenna. In fact, every cell has a limited scope and we can notice that if we go out of town in the countryside.

Shri Mataji (the founder of Sahaja Yoga) has told us that the vibrations (our inner energy we can feel as cool breeze on our hands) are very high frequency electromagnetic waves (waves with a higher frequency respect to those that are currently used) and that the theory of Torsion Field describes them very clearly at scientific level.
Let us dwell on some interesting characteristics of electromagnetic waves.

  1. The set of all the existing electromagnetic waves (electromagnetic spectrum) covers a huge area of frequencies, from low-frequency radio waves up to very high gamma-ray products (for example, in nuclear reactions inside the Sun).
    The higher the frequency the more radiation can penetrate into matter. So imagine what could be the penetration of “vibrations” in matter, considering that they have a frequency much higher than the currently known radiations!
  2. An electromagnetic wave carries energy in the direction of propagation, and this is also valid for the “vibrations”, since, as we have seen, we can direct them towards our chakras or anyone’s chakras. The magnitude of the transmitted energy will depend on how we will be capable transmitting antennas of it.
  3. Electromagnetic waves are an extremely fast and versatile to send information remotely (e.g. radio, mobile phones, TV, computers). “Vibrations” are the most rapid and accurate instrument for all subtle information, to the point that we can instantly know the subtle condition of someone (of his chakras) who is on the other side of the world!

Subtle principles of the Ether element

“The vibrations that we feel are the reflection of the light of the Spirit. The Spirit does not vibrate. The spirit doesn’t do anything. It only reflects in the soul and this reflection creates all the waves that spread.” Shri Mataji, Volterra 25 July 1986

With the acquisition of vibratory awareness you actually enter into the Ether (Akasha in Sanskrit ), i.e. in the space permeated by the vibrations (chaitanya), which only in the state of yoga we are able to perceive.
The Ether is no longer something rarefied and imponderable, or an abstract concept; instead it becomes a real dimension, in which space and time also change their meaning: vibratory awareness is in fact instantaneous and universal, as it allows to know in a punctual and immediate way personal circumstances or events both near and far in space and time. You put your attention to your friend in Australia or China, and immediately you will perceive on your fingertips the state of his cahkras… and this is just to start.
The concept of substance that fills the space becomes in Sahaja Yoga  actual awareness – as mediated by our autonomic nervous system – of the presence of an Energy spread everywhere, from the cosmic space to the smallest particles, absolutely accessible to our consciousness once our focus is no longer tuned on “mental vibrations” of ego and superego but on the subtle plane.

“Once the Sahasrara chakra is open, you must go down in the Vishuddhi chakra. If your enlightenment does not act in your Vishuddhi chakra, you cannot feel the vibrations. You need to develop the collective awareness.” Talk about Vishuddhi 1988

The Ether element is then associated with the Vishuddhi chakra, that is the fifth chakra which we have seen to be the chakra of communication. Indeed, it is through it that first of all  we have perception of reality through our senses and then, at subtler level, through the vibrations. Taking care of our Vishuddhi chakra allows us to have a good perception of vibrations, both the inner and the outer ones.

“… If there are not obstacles, our Kundalini rises directly in the Brahmarandra, at the top of our head, in the fontanelle area, and goes beyond. At this point the Ether element comes into play and spread her: it is so that we feel the cool breeze, that is the subtle energy. This is the property of ether that is the essence of space” Talk about elements and their qualities, 1985

To enter into the ether dimension, first of all we need to reach the fourth state of thoughtless awareness.

Treatments and techniques

Treatments with the Ether element are those when we use our vibrations. We have seen some of them in the lesson Balance your chakras with vibrations.

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