The basic elements

In history, many seekers of truth and philosophers have hypothesized the existence of basic constituents of matter. Some people have supposed the existence of four elements and other people have supposed there are five main elements (see on Wikipedia Classical elements). The four elements are Earth, Water, Fire and Air. The plus one is Ether.
We are considering the second case, as electromagnetic waves and so vibrations (that means our Kundalini energy) are actually travelling through ether.
In Hindu tradition, they are called bhumi for earth, jala for water, agni for fire, marut for air, akash for ether; do not worry, these names will become familiar to you soon, as they are commonly used in Sahaja Yoga. For example, we call Mother Earth as Adi Bhoomi Devi; the principle of water is called as Jala Tattwa, etc.

The five elements

We have already seen how we can use some elements for working on our channels and balancing our chakras. Actually, each one of these element is associated with one specific chakra. Earth element is associated to the first chakra, the Mooladhara. Fire is connected with Swadhisthan chakra  — this element is also peculiar of the right side; Water with Nabhi chakra (it is actually surrounded by the Bhavasagara, the Ocean of Illusions) — the Water element is also peculiar of the left side. In our Anahat chakra, or Heart chakra, blows the Life Breath, its element is Air.
The Vishuddhi chakra is the chakra of communication and guess what? Its element is ether. (We jokingly represented this element with a mobile in the image)

In this class we will see the characteristics of these elements in detail.


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