Earth element

Of all the elements, Earth is the last one, not the first; actually the Creation starts just from what is more ethereal, subtler: first ether, then light, air and water, and then, out of consolidation, we have a solid, steady, complete element. Actually earth include the fire of magma that moves below its surface and it is permeated by water and air.
Earth is defined in Genesis as “first matter” and in the Book of Changes (I Ching) it corresponds to the ancestral force of feminine that receives, nourishes, protects.
All the primitive cultures. closer to nature than what people are now, have recognized the refreshing power of the earth and often they have considered it like a one-organism, a living and pulsating unity capable of filling itself in vegetation, animals and human beings. For many peoples, the earth was the body of a goddess bestower of energy, health, prosperity: Mother Earth; plants, herbs, roots, minerals and crystals we so gifts of inestimable value that the goddess was giving to human beings for nourishment and protection from calamities and diseases (see article La Grande Madre nelle antiche culture).
And it is just from this ancient concept of the earth as mother that molds from her own substance all the living creatures, that all the cures with clay, herbs, gems, etc. are born.
At subtle level, this element purify all our left side and in particular the first chakra (the Mooladhara) making us righteous, steady, auspicious people. The action of the Earth has effect also on left Nabhi chakra, enhancing the sense of generosity and the capacity of offering nourishment and support.

Flower and Mother Earth

The Subtle Principles of the Earth element

Shri Mataji has often talked of the subtle qualities of Mother Earth and that we can develop them in ourselves: gravity, fragrance, patience, generosity.

Gravity and magnetism

“I have seen flowers, if you keep them in my room, they blossom. They can become very big like that, never people have seen such big flowers, sometimes they say. I am doing nothing. I am just sitting down and what happens to the flowers? You see now there this principle of the Mother Earth works… the subtle Mother Earth, is works, it’s a mother. And that gives you all the nourishment and makes you grow healthy, and this is how this subtlety of the Mother Earth works.
Mother Earth is the one who is giver of virtue to all these flowers and to all these trees and to all that, but it also plays a big part in us. It is not only the Mother Earth that exists without our connection and we do not respect the Mother Earth. We have polluted it, we have done all kinds of things, we have removed the trees and we have made a mess out of her, but she is our Mother and so many subtle things of this Mother Earth come into us.

One of them is gravity. A person becomes very attractive, not in the physical sense but in the spiritual sense. Such a person attracts others. They feel attrackted and they feel that something special is about this person. This is one of the qualities of the Mother Earth. If she had not kept us attracted we would have fallen off with her movement .

Also other qualities of the Mother Earth start manifesting within us, and we become very, I should say, extremely tolerant, patient… person. Tolerant and patient… extremely tolerant and patient. But if you are not tolerant, if you are hot tempered and all that, then Mother Earth’s principle is not expressed I should say. Look at the Mother Earth. How much she tolerates our nonsense, how many wrong things we do against her, but still she tolerates. In the same way we too become extremely tolerant, patient and forgiving.”

Expression of Subtle Elements, Delhi December 1998

“We are, as we human beings are, we are very gross and the magnetic force of the Mother Earth also we do not know. We do not feel it within ourselves. The day we start feeling that magnetic force within us, we’ll give up all these nonsensical movements of extremes. We’ll settle down into our gravity. But we are not even sensitive to that magnetic force as the birds are.
After Realization you do become subtle enough to feel that magnetic force. And you can ask the Mother Earth to take away your problems, to take away your sins, She’ll suck in. Once you become that subtle, She’ll work it out, no doubt, but you have to become that subtle. Unless and until you become that evolved, you cannot touch Her subtler side, which is the magnetic force. While Christ’s body was made of that magnetic force itself.”

“In the same way when this magnet is awakened within you, you’ll be amazed. Instead of people running away from your ashrams they’ll be running towards you. I find it impossible. I go to any house, if they come to know I am there, God save Me – anywhere, any place.
So what is this magnet?
Is pure love. Is pure love and the concept of pure love is that it doesn’t depend on anything whatsoever but on itself. It is the support of itself. It’s like light that spreads just by its own nature, doesn’t want anything, doesn’t expect anything. Just spreads all over and enlightens other people’s hearts. That’s why they get attracted.”

Easter Puja 1980 – Ganesha Puja 1986

Gravity is coming from Mother Earth, and Mother Earth has made Shri Ganesha [note: in the Hindu tradition Shri Ganesha has been made with clay]. So this gravity point within us is to be maintained and this gravity comes very natural to human beings, it’s not to be adopted or anything. If  children are told about their gravity, about their dignity, about their greatness they will immediately develop it with a great pride that we are something special and that we have to have this gravity within us.
Now this gravity gives you what you call, is a kind of an attraction. Anybody who is grave, doesn’t mean that you pull a big face, that never means that, but gravity means that you are not, you are not disturbed easily by any turmoil or anything.
Gravity means so many things as you can see from Shri Ganesha’s character, that gravity means you are the one who is standing in the centre. A person who sees everything, doesn’t get disturbed, doesn’t get tempted, is self contented, doesn’t ask for anything, doesn’t need anything, doesn’t take revenge, forgives because he has no way to get out of his gravity, he is just bound there.”

Ganesha Puja, Perth February 1992


“First in the Vedas, it’s written, the first, first stanza is such that by «reading these Vedas, if you do not know your spirit then it is absolutely useless». But this stanza they always close down I think. Then they started worshipping those Deities, this, that, exciting them, doing all ritualism, and all that and they just went into it headlong, absolutely headlong. They would not turn back.
So by exciting these elements, they discovered the principles of these elements. For example, they discovered that gravity is the essence of the Mother Earth. It is not. That is not the essence of the Mother Earth. Gravity is the energy that is asserted by Her but the essence of Mother Earth is Her fragrance.
They could not cross that limit where they could see really the subtle thing which was the subtle principle of this energy of gravity is the fragance. All the fragrances come from Her. Of course man made there are, that’s different. But even the man made, are also coming from Her, if you go trace the source, it’s up to the point, it is from there. Like that they went on discovering the subtler, so called subtler, energies of the principles of these elements from the Vedas style.”

The Right Side, London May 1981

Patience, forebearance and generosity

“I would say a man is like the sun, but a woman is like the Mother Earth. They must integrate one with the other, the sun will not become the earth and the earth will not become the sun. Actually they know to exist for a specific purpose:  that the sun shines, gives light, it gives also nourishment to the Mother Earth in a way; and the Mother Earth gives everything, she bears so much of things, she bears all our sins.
So a housewife is like the Mother Earth. She gives joy to everyone, to her husband, to her children. She doesn’t think about herself. She doesn’t think, how I could achieve great things through my beauty maybe, through my body, through my education, through my powers that I’ve got – no, she doesn’t. What she thinks: how I can make others powerful, how I can give them power, how I can help them.
It’s not easy to run a house, it’s not easy to run your family, it’s not easy to look after your children – very difficult. And those who have those qualities are the best women and they really achieve it.
I mean, you can think of your mothers, how much they loved you, all the men and the women. Why? Why do you think of your mother so much? Because she sacrificed everything, but without showing that she was sacrificing. She did so much for you, so you could be a woman. Woman’s potential to love is tremendous, tremendous!

Fatima Puja, Istanbul May 1993

Treatments and techniques using the Earth element

Clearing of the Mooladhara chakra. The first and more obvious treatment consists in sitting on the gound, better if it is on a natural ground, like a garden, a park, a beach, etc. This is the best way to release the tensions, stored in this chakra, to earth.

Clearing of channels and chakras. A similar treatment to the one above is foot-soak. In foot-soak, salt represents the Earth element; water is the Water element, of course. All tensions flow into water and are kept by salt. Foot-soak ca be done in the sea, in a river, in any flowing stream.
Also when we give bandhans to our chakras, then we again “offer” all the impurities to Mother Earth.

Clearing of left channel. You put the right hand on the ground, while the left hand remains on your lap. Your  left hand takes vibrations, while your right hand release the impurities to the ground (see Techniques for balancing the channels).

Clearing of Agnya Chakra. Another treatment is for the clearing of Agnya chakra, the sixth chakra that is in our head. it is very simple. Sit on your knees (see picture below), the best you can. Then stretch your back forth so that your forehead touches the ground. Your hands should be with the palm towards the sky, or if you cannot you can keep them towards the ground. You can keep this position as long as you want. The tensions will go directly from the Agnya chakra to the ground.

Sit on knees forehead on the ground


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