Fire element

Generator of light and energy, the fire element permeate all things. On the earth it has the shapes of flames, in the sky it is the symbol of the day and of life, inside us it is that inner sun that animates and gives strength to our daily action.
The possession of fire goes back in the middle of the Lower Paleolithic (700.000 – 300.000 years ago). Human race at that time was the Homo Erectus (that comes before the Homo Sapiens) that, from the oriental Africa, moved and colonized all the Old World.
Learning how to use fire helped men to find a strong creativity input (creativity is the main quality of the Swadhisthan chakra) and to widen their horizons to a higher awareness. Life was no more a question of survival, but out of their creativity men could do more interesting things.

Mastery of fire started to assume the subtle meaning of mastery of one’s own intellect: prehistoric man, actually, started to completely modify his relationship with environment and so his behavior. He could live in colder regions (widening of horizons), could chase away dangerous wild beasts (more security), could cook food, forge weapons, utensils, jewelry and metal sculptures (more creativity).
Towards the end of Lower Paleolithic, the built-up area started to be more structured and around fireplace domestic has been organized. So, the next step was the use of fire as element of aggregation: around fire tribes were gathering in occasion of rituals, celebrations, etc.
Fire also has been considered by some peoples and renown is is power of purification. Fire has been often be associated to the sun, the greatest generator of light and warmth that peoples from all the world have identified with a divinity: for Persians was Mithra, for Egyptians was Osiris, for Greeks Apollo, for Indians is Surya.

Subtle principles of the Fire element

If at physical level fire is used to warm up people or things, at subtle level heat of fire is used to warm up our “cold” side, that is our left channel.
Fire elementMoreover, fire gives light and this thing, at subtle level, is manifested as the capacity to enlighten our awareness and so to become aware of the conditionings of the past, that belong just to our “dark” side. This inner light increases the capacity to spot the limitations of our super-ego (it is present in our mind as opposite of ego, called also as subconscious), so that we can more easily treat them.
The aspect of fire is that it burns and so it has in itself the capacity to burn what is impure  (subtle catches in our chakras).
The Fire element is the one that is associated with the Swadhithan chakra and the right channel. When the right side becomes excessively hot, then you can feel stress and strong tension; the more the right side is stimulated the more people become over-active, frantic and reactive.
Rage is the fruit of excessive heat in the right side.  Rage consumes energy inside, both in those that explode in violence, that in those that are controlling themselves; it starts from liver, that is the first organ to be affected by this excessive heat, then moves up and down alongside the right channel. The best way to treat this heat is by… extinguishing (see foot-soak and ice treatment).

“We should have the quality of the fire that burns negativity and drive away lethargy and inactivity”

All the heavy things fall, go down; but the Kundalini rises higher and higher and higher, because it is like a fire, fire never burns down, it always goes up. She also looks like fire and she has the capacity of fire.
The fire has the capacity of purifying and burn off whatever can be burnt. It purifies things which cannot burn, and burn other things that are flammable which can be burnt.
So when the Kundalini rises, she also burns off all useless things, all your useless desires, all your useless desires of action, all the useless accumulation of feelings, of ego and all sort of nonsensical things that is between. Everything is burnt by her, because they can be burnt, they are not eternal, by nature, they are temporarily there. All that is temporary she burns away and that is how she enlightens the Spirit, because Spirit cannot be burnt by nothing.

This burning of Kundalini is so beautiful, that burns all that is bad, stagnating, all that is polluting, all that is a disease and cools down the system. Kundalini is such  thing that once she burns off everything that is there,  that is how you get heat, because she is burning; but when she cools down and becomes cool, then she is not reversible. That is why it Is a living process.

So the power of Kundalini is to purify, she purify us like fire, she does not purify us like water.Now water, what does water do, water never burns off anything, but it dissolves certain things, it can take something within itself, it can contain some of the dirt within itself. Supposing you put a color in the water, it assumes the color. But Kundalini does not assume the color, she burns. So, if you have anything wrong within you, she will burn it out. But she not absorb, she is pure. She cannot absorb those things into her that will pollute her, she cannot be polluted.
Say for example if you put gold in fire, silver in fire, it purifies them, the pure form comes. But if you put gold and silver in water nothing will happen; at the most you can wash them from outside, but in-and-out you cannot do it. With Kundalini you can purify inside.

The power of Kundalini, London May 1981



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