Nadis (energetic channels)

In correspondence of our autonomous nervous stystem, we can distinguish three energetic channels:

  • Ida Nadi (on the left side) is the channel that gives energy to our emotional aspect
  • Pingala Nadi (on the right side) is the channel that gives energy to our action aspect
  • Sushumna Nadi (in the centre) is the channel of evolution.

Energetic channelsThe first two channels are placed in correspondence of the sympathetic nervous system, while the center channel is placed in correspondence of the parasympathetic nervous system.
An important point is that the central channel is created when for the first time the Kundalini rises. We can actually verify that our parasympathetic nervous system is interrupted in correspondence of our abdomen.

So, the Ida Nadi gives us energy for our emotional aspect of life, but the most important quality of this channel is the pure desire. Pure desire of what? The pure desire of spiritual ascent.
Whenever our attention is extremely pushed towards our emotions, making of our emotional feelings a reason of life, the energy of left side (that is an animal energy, coming from food) tends to run out and we risk to fall into depression.
On the other side, Pingala Nadi gives us energy for our action, physical and mental action. So whenever we push ourselves too much towards action, we tend to exhaust energy of right channel and experience stress and finally even a breakdown.

Sushuman Nadi is our salvation. As the Kundalini is awakened and rises alongside the central channel, She carefully nurishes our energetic system, so that it can return to balance.
Not only that, She purifies our chakras (energetic centres) so that all the qualities of them can completely manifest and we can live in absolute joy and harmony.
Harmony is within us!!!

In the following video, Shri Mataji gives a further information about our Nadis:


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