Who am I

My name is Silvana and I was born in Italy.
It is 20 years that I am practising Yoga meditation that helped me to rise higher in my Spiritual evolution.

The ultimate goal of the seeker is to achieve the complete realisation that corresponds to the state of complete manifestation of our Spirit: it is the state in which all the shadows inside us are completely dissolved in the light of the Spirit, it is the state in which we are completely connected with the allpervading energy of Divine.
My desire is not only to achieve this level, but also to encourage as many people as possible to walk this way, so that we will be completely integrated in Spirituality.
This is not just a dream or a ambitious aspiration, because I have been so lucky to witness that this state is achievable, without abbandoning our work, our family and anything else, but only through pure and true dedication to our Self.

This is why I am humbly offering to you all whatever I know.

Hands offering Vibrations
Good luck to everybody!


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