Get your Self Realization Now!

Dear Seeker of Truth, this is the most important moment of your life, because you are about to reach the final destination of your seeking.
If you have ever thought that the Truth, the Absolute Truth is very close to you, maybe inside you and that you just had to stretch your hand to grasp it… you were on the right path. The only thing you needed was the key to open the treasure chest of Absolute Pure Knowledge.

There are only few essential things that you need to know:

  1. this key is inside you;
  2. you only need to know how to use it.

Kundalini AwakeningWe have seen it in a previous article, there is an energy called as Kundalini that exists inside you since ever. She is sleeping, let’s say at potential state, and only need to be awakened. When She is awakened, she rises along your spine and crosses all your subtle dimensions and clear them, enlighten them; this allows you to rise higher and reach a higher level in your evolution. As She reach the top of your head and goes beyond, She connects to the All Pervading Energy that makes the all universe work. This connection is called YOGA.
There is nothing to pay for this, because this is a natural thing that happens inside us, just like a seed when sprouts: you cannot give any money to the earth to make it sprout or sprout faster.
In ancient times, few people know about Kundalini and Her power and even fewer ones have been able to awaken Her after a life (or many lives) of search and penitence.

Now the time has come that everyone knows and experience the Kundalini Awakening, so that a new Era will start of new enlightened beings, spiritual beings, for a better world. You cannot change the world with words, but just by activating a true inner change in you and in other people as well, in a spontaneous, natural way. You cannot convince people to be good: they need to really feel the goodness blossoming inside them to desire the goodness.

So now, just sit down, unfasten your belt, relax and start your journey towards this new dimension.
The steps to follow are very easy and will go through our Dimension of Pure Desire (on the left hand side). You see the sequence of steps in the below image and then you can follow the video to awaken your Kundalini.


After you get your Self Realization, you enter a new dimension in which you can acquire your powers:

  1. you can know about your inner self,
  2. you can balance and cure yourself,
  3. you can know about others and help them,
  4. you can reach a state of bliss and more.

You can go deeper by following the free yoga course on this site. Either you can follow live free courses in the centers closer to your place; just check the list of centers.
Other resources: Free Meditation, OnLine Meditation.

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